Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Change in Perspective

Funny how fast some things change when others seem so slow!  

       In a matter of a day, my perspective on the world changed from this:

Too this:

Ok, well not maybe all in one day, but pretty darn near!!  We thought when my dad bought this house, that we were just the last house before the 
cul-de-sac and that eventually there would only be a couple of homes there we would have to look at!  

Oh no....poof and just like that, cul-de-sac gone and turned into a through street.  And LOOK at the homes in the background next to the woods.  Now those weren't there yesterday I'm sure!!!  

So now I can no longer live in denial that I am living in the country.  I could always ignore all the homes next to me on the 'other' side of the house and pretend I was still in the country by only looking to the East!!!  Did I mention that I MISS my home in the country???   I MISS my home in the country!  But.....I have to stay here and take care of dad.  Just the way it is in life for me right now.  

And in about 6 weeks, dad and I will be heading to the house in Arizona for the winter.  And...oh yeah.....I just heard that they put in a new house out there on the empty lot RIGHT NEXT to ours!!  What is up with all this change and growth!!  I thought the economy was bad!  We only had a one year with our 'sort of' country view above here in Indiana.  But in Arizona, we had the empty lot for 7 years!!!  We could see out!!  We could see the top of a mountain in the distance, we could see sunsets!! fast a perspective changes!!

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