Sunday, February 26, 2012

Completely Speechless!

I am way behind in everything! 

It started about 3 or 4 weeks ago when my laptop died and I had to buy a new one.  It's taking forever to get used to the new one as I'm not the most technical person out there.  That or I don't take change well (don't tell anyone, but that may be the real reason!).

Then Mr. Fix-it came to visit two weeks ago after being apart for nearly 5 months.  Don't ask me how we make it work, we just do, though it is NOT easy.  Since he's been here we've been so busy carving out time to do things around the house, spend time together, as well as do some fun things.  I actually have some great adventures I want to share with my readers, like the Rodeo we went to yesterday and several hikes we've taken with several more planned before he leaves.  Mr. Fix-it actually is here for two more weeks as he is practicing for his retirement in March of 2014! 

I want to share the fact with you all that I am rarely at a loss for words.  I'm sure I've been speechless before sometime in my life, but to be honest, I don't remember it ever really happening!   Additionally, Mr. Fix-it has NEVER been able to surprise me.  I've always known what I'm getting for any holiday or any secret he has tried to keep, he's just not good at it!

It was such a relief when he arrived.  One...just to see him and, two....I really needed help.  It's very hard being the only one taking care of my dad and spending so much time at it and it gets lonely.  Mr. Fix-it's flight came in late in the day so we grabbed some dinner and headed to the 'ranch', catching up on everything we'd been up to for the last five months.  With the time difference, I expected him to hit the sack at least two hours before me but he stayed up and we continued talking.  At one point late in the evening I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror and he came up behind me and asked if I would scratch his back. 

 Being exhausted as I was, my first thought just flew 1800 miles and you want me to scratch your back!  Grumble, grumble, #@#!#..  Ok, I said to myself,  "Self stop feeling sorry for yourself just because you are wanting to receive attention, not give it.  He's been alone too for five months too!" 

Ahhhh....what a sly devil he was though!  He planned the reveal of his secret SOOO well, down to the last detail!  He stepped into the bathroom facing the mirror just so he could see my reaction as he took off his t-shirt.  I stepped behind him and raised my 'claws' to scratch and when I did, thought my jaw must have hit floor.  I was absolutely fact he said my face went white.  Blanched was really the word he used.  Blanched.  I don't think I've ever 'blanched' in my life, only read the word in historical romance novels!!  

So....what caused such a reaction you ask???


  I don't think my reaction was what he expected.  And I can't figure out how he managed to keep this secret for so long especially since it had to be done months before he came out or it wouldn't have been healed.  In his defense, he's talked about this wanting this tattoo for quite a few years but I never took it seriously AND......I thought if he was serious, I'd be able talk him out of it!! 

Ummm...yeah....that didn't get to happen! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Romancing A Mystery

I rarely read anything other than western Historical Romance and am a closet wanna-be Historical Romance writer.  However, I do read and am a huge fan of mystery writer J.A. Jance, in particular her Joanna Brady series.   The character, Brady, is a modern day female sheriff in Cochise County, Arizona and centers around the town of Bisbee.  I got 'hooked' on these books thanks to my dad who is also an avid fan. 

Last Saturday, Ms. Jance was scheduled to appear at the Apache Junction Public Library.  I tried to talk dad into going.  I even drove over to the library ahead of time to see how far he might have to walk.  Unfortunatley, it was a bit far and he decided he would rather not attend.  I was disappointed but admitedly it would have been very difficult to get him in. 

My neighbor encouraged me to go without him as afterall dad would likely be napping while I would be away.  It makes me nervous to be gone when I think I might not be there when he wakes up but....I decided to do it!

I hustled back over to the library and grabbed a chair and waited anxiously as if I was about to meet a huge celebrity!  At the appointed time, Ms. Jance walked right beside me and up to the podium.  It was doubly exciting for me, being the rescue dog person I am,  as she had Bella the Tour Dog with her.  Bella, a mini Dachschund was rescued by the author and now attends tours with her everywhere she goes! 

Bella's outline standing on the table beside Ms. Jance

Bella and the author's husband

She related how the little dog had come into her life and now attends all her book signings.  I already knew Bella's story because I follow Ms. Jance's Blog but I enjoyed listening to her every word on the subject as well as the discussion about her newest book (not a Joanna Brady book, book but I didn't care!).  I even managed to be the first one to ask her a question after the discussion was over. 

My dream for years has been to write a western romance set in the Superstition Mountains but lately, before I even knew Ms. Jance was coming to town, I've been toying with the idea of trying my hand at a modern day murder mystery.  I have some ideas about people and some scene ideas but that's about it.  I asked Ms. Jance if, when she sits down to write a book, does she have it all worked out in her head before she ever starts or do her characters write the book for her.  Basically she told the audience, her characters write the story for her.  She does start with a dead body in mind though, as she is afterall, "a murder mystery writer!"  That was like a light bulb going off in my head....."ahhhh so that's how you do it!"  Get the body first and solve the mystery from there!  Kinda like the CSI shows on TV.  I get it now!!!

After all the questions had been answered, Ms Jance would be signing copies of her books.   I waited patiently (and excitedly) in a long line to meet the author and have my book signed.  It was finally my turn!  I handed over my book, and told her how much I love the Joanna Brady series and that I was just as excited to meet Bella as I was her since I am a dog rescue person myself. 

I'm not sure she was all that pleased that I was equally excited about meeting her dog as well as her!  Since the book she was promoting was a character from another series that I don't read, I didn't purchase the book being sold. Instead had taken a paperback book from the Joanna Brady series that I love.  Many other people had purchased her new book just out in hardback and were getting their photos taken behind the trio with Ms. Jance holding up the new book.  However, when it came time for my photo, she took the next person in line and started signing his posing! 

I don't know if it was because I hadn't purchased her new book or that I was a fan of Bella's!  At first I was taken aback thinking to myself,  "hey wait a minute you didn't pose for me!"  But then.....take a look where my hand ended up in the photo.  Yep....right there petting Bella!  At that point it didn't matter that she wasn't looking directly at my camera.  I got an afternoon out to do something for me!  I met an author that I enjoy reading!  I learned something about the craft of writing......and......I got to pet the dog!  

Doesn't get much better than that now does it!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Photo

Indiana Sunset

Arizona Sunset

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

That's Amore!

The moon was full.  Valentine's Day was nigh.  Love was in the air!!

Frosty: " girl on the block, let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear, me amore"!

Twister: "Excuse me!   YICK, EWWW!!!   Who do you think you are buddy"?

Frosty:  "Well that didn't go over so well".

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Archie "Speaks"


My name is Archie and I REALLY want to find my forever home, could you be the one?  I'm an 8 year old English Cocker Spaniel.  I am sweet and loving to my foster mom but I sometimes get upset with strangers that come into the house when I am in my crate.  It makes me feel scared and trapped.  My foster mom had an Animal Behaviorist come to see me and she gave us some very easy to implement techniques so I don't feel so anxious about new people and to learn that visitors can be trusted!  It works!!

I love to give kisses when my fur mom says, "kiss" and I know what "sit" and "down" means.  I'm house trained too and I get along with the other dog that lives with my foster mom.  He's full-time and that's all I want to be, somebody's full-time buddy that I can hang out with!  I really only want to live in an adult home as kids make me nervous.  I'm up to date with all my shots.   

I was abandoned and left chained in a horse stall without food and water when a kind person rescued me.  I just want to feel safe, loved and live in a home with a quiet lifestyle.  I would be GREAT for a mature person and would be such a wonderful companion.  Could you please be my 'forever home'?  Wouldn't it be great if I could have a home for Valentine's Day!!!

*Archie currently resides with his foster mom in Pennsylvania whom he adores, but he really wants a mom of his very own.  We can help you work out transport for Archie too!  If you or someone you know can provide the kind of home Archie is searching for and want more information about him please contact:
Karen Florentine   Foster mom

You can also complete an Adoption Application found at:  and forward to
Karen Kirby, ECSCA Rescue Chair

Archie is just one of several dogs the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America has in it's Rescue program right now.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weather Forecast?

Look out a Twister has landed here today! not least not the kind of weather Twister.

She's a calm Twister too and a Brindle!  
I'm excited as I'm partial to this color since my very first Grey was Brindle.

She is a SWEETHEART!  But she breaks my heart.  Twister and another Greyhound that she lived with were owner give ups!   So not only is she now in some place new, she doesn't have her brother Greyhound anymore either.  I'm worried that she will be depressed so I will be giving her lots of attention and keeping a close eye on her.  The owner gave up both dogs because his fiance is extremely allergic to dogs.   

Hmmmmmm.....can any of my readers out there guess what I'd give up if I had to choose between my dogs or a fiance?????

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