Thursday, April 28, 2011

Furever After

When fostering a rescued animal, one never knows when the homeless pet is going to meet his new 'furever' parents.  You know when you commit to fostering that the pet you take in is only going to be with you temporarily.  That's the get abandoned, stray or given up pets into new and hopefully 'forever' homes.     

I've had lots of foster dogs come and go over the years.  You certainly feel great when they get adopted.  Sometimes though, you feel great and not so great all at the same time.

I guess that's where I'm at right now with my foster dog Dottie.  You see......Dottie is being adopted.  Unless something unforeseen happens, she will be going to her new home this weekend. 

I am happy and sad.   Dottie and I developed a tight bond.  Many, many times I thought about failing at fostering and adopting her.  My topsy turvy life kept saying "no" but my heart was saying, "why not".  

There are reasons things happen as they do.  I am talking about my fall at the dog park and breaking that stupid bone in my leg.  Because of that, Dottie has been 'at camp' since and will be leaving for her new furever home from there. So the 'end' of my fostering her seems awfully abrupt.  I didn't get to go through meeting the adoptive family and weighing in, I didn't get to mentally prepare for her to say goodbye.   All in all, I think it is best this way.

As I am still on crutches, my friends at 'camp' have offered to come and get me to see her one more time.   I've debated and gone back and forth on should I or shouldn't I.  I've pretty much decided not to see her.  We've been apart for a week and a half now and she is having fun there and I have had a couple of good cries over her.  I think that I would be upset to see her and that in turn might upset, I think it's probably best if I don't.  

I am told her new family is 'over the moon' excited about her.   I can certainly understand why and they haven't even lived with her yet.  

Best wishes Dottie Dot!  Your foster mom loves you!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dotte at Camp

As I am still hobbling around on these dad-blasted crutches, Dottie is still at my friend's Dave and Terry of Barking Dog Ranch.  They update me daily on her and last night sent the following photo.  

 It appears she is far from stressed out over missing me.  Looks like she is rather enjoying her romp in the grass.  

A small look of sadness in her eyes would have made me feel a little better!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Dance

Yep I'm doin the happy dance.  Happy, happy, happy!   Oh wait......I can't do the happy dance, I'm still on crutches!  Oh well, I'm doin the happy dance in my head. 

I sold one of my rug hookings!!

 Can you tell I'm excited?!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I can't tell you how frustrating it is for me to be tied down to a walking cast and crutches.  I am a doer, a mover and a shaker. body shakes when it moves but that's another subject!  I just can't stand to sit still.

I am no longer taking pain pills, yay rah!  Went to the Doctor on Tuesday and was hoping to hear I didn't need crutches anymore but knowing full well that might not happen.   It didn't.  On those for two more weeks, uck.  

But it's getting better.  I am making progress.

Dottie is still at camp.  They have a doggie door and a huge backyard to run in and other English Cockers to hang with.  A couple has expressed interest in adopting her and will be going to meet her on Saturday.  Sad for me, but progress for her.

I have more time to hook.  

 I whipped the edges of my crow rug finishing it.

 Have finished the cat and all the kitty paws on my current project.
 Now I am in a quandary as to what color to do the background.

Any suggestions?

As you can see, there has been some progress in my life, but, wow I sure don't feel like it.  Feels like my wheels are stuck in mud!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Humpty Dumpty.....

had a great fall.....oh wait, that wasn't Humpty, that was me!  

I didn't fall off a wall. was more like rolling down a hill.  I've never been known as particularly graceful and I had anything but grace this past Saturday morning at the dog park.  

The day started out innocently enough.  Jump out of bed, get dad's coffee, test his sugar level, get his meds and insulin given, fix his breakfast and hurry up get Dottie out before my grooming job ( a large Standard Poodle) arrived.  I don't remember now what it was, but something got out of sequence and I had to bathe the Poodle before I could take Dottie to the park to do her thing.  I was in high gear.

Our dog park is kind of small, an afterthought actually.  The only place for it to go was at the end of the tennis court at the bottom of a small hill.  It is often wet there because it is low and the water stays.

If you look at the house in this picture you can get a sort of feel for the hill.  Not a big hill but an incline non-the-less.

Unfortunately I had on some rubber sole sandals with no tread and as I started my descent I slipped on the damp grass.  My right ankle rolled inward (hurts just typing that!!) and caused me to pitch forward.  That caused me to fall, well no, roll down the hill landing up against the chain link fence and dropping Dottie's lead in the process.  

There was a couple at the top who heard a rather unpleasant word come out of my mouth as I was falling and when my flubbery body came to a stop, they were kind enough to ask if I was ok or needed help.  I was able to grab Dottie's leash before she got away even though I was sitting there in pained shock.  However, I assured the kind people that I was ok, needed no help, just a little fall and off they went as I pulled myself up.  

Of course, I was totally embarrassed, mad at myself for not being careful, and determined to move on.  After all, I've had sprained ankles all my life so this should have been just another sprain.  I should have known the minute I tried to walk that all was not well in ankledom!

I managed to get Dottie inside the fence so she could do her thing while I tried to shake off the whole incident.  Of course, I text Mr Fix-it who is at home in Indiana and can't help me, but it was the first thing I could think to do.  The moral support was great and he suggested I ask the first person I see for help.

No problem there are always people out and about, walking, riding bikes, in golf carts.  So Dottie and I head up to the street toward home looking for someone to come along.  Do you think anyone came by on this beautiful warm and sunny Saturday????   NO!!  Not one person was out.  

The closer I got to home, which is about three blocks from the dog park, the sicker I was feeling.  At one point, poor Dottie waited in the shade at the end of her flexi-lead waiting for me to catch up!  By the time I made it home, I was feeling faint, sweating and thinking about throwing up.  

 Here, swelling has set in on my right ankle.

A trip to Urgent Care and an Xray confirmed that I had broken my Fibula.  I guess that is a bone on the side of my leg and is broken just above the ankle.  They put me in an air cast and sent me home on crutches with instructions to keep it elevated.  The break is clean so no need for surgery and casting thank goodness!

I go back to the Doctor tomorrow, Tuesday, to see how I am doing.  Am hoping I can at least get off these stupid crutches!  Ok all, remind me not to complain, it could have been much worse.  It's just that I am a caregiver not a caretaker!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dottie goes for an Overnight

Hi everyone, Dottie here.   I don't think mom is going to be on here for a few days cuz she fell today and broke a bone above her ankle.  So I get to go stay with some other English Cocker friends at Barking Dog Ranch for a couple of days.  I do feel bad cuz it happened this morning when she took me to the dog park.  

Gotta go, my ride is here and I am all packed.  Hope mom won't miss me too much but I kissed her and told her it would be ok!

I'll be back soon and so will mom!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Right Place, Right Time


Things like this don't happen to me very often but this morning I WAS in the right place at the right time!  On my way back from taking Dottie to the dog park, we dropped in on my friend Judy and Dottie's friend Frosty.  We were sitting at her breakfast table having a nice conversation, while Dottie and Frosty visited.   The window in her nook looks directly across an empty lot into my backyard.  It also has a great view of the Superstition Mountains.  I've always been kinda jealous of her view!!

Anyway, we were just blabbing away and I happened to glance out her window when all of a sudden I saw movement.   The movement was in my backyard!  I was stunned as I immediately realized it was a.......Bobcat!!!!
I'd never seen one before and there he was right in my own yard!!   We watched as he sauntered across the yard and walked right along the side of the house and across my carport!

Judy....who was still in her pj's and robe,  jumped up, grabbed her camera, tossed it to me and out I went after the feline.  Now, I didn't have my reading glasses on so I couldn't see if I was capturing it in the pictures or not, I just pointed and clicked.  As I moved as close as I could get, I saw the cat leave my driveway, cross the street and enter my neighbors carport.  He came out on the backside of their house, crossed the golf cart path, jumped up the rock wall and entered someone else's carport!  All the while I am moving toward him and hoping I was getting photos.  

As it turned out, I got four somewhat clear shots before he headed off down another street and I couldn't follow. 

You might be able to click on and enlarge this photo.  The cat is in the street but kind of hidden in the shade.  

 Here he goes under my neighbors carport.

Here he is on top of the rock wall in this photo.

And there he goes onto another neighbors carport/patio!!

I am still so excited that I saw him and captured some photos.  I've been here five winters and this is the first one I've seen.

Now, I just need to see a Mountain Lion and a Javelina!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dottie the Queen

Dottie says "Woof Woo", which translates to "Thank You", for all the nice complements she got about being Queen.   

In the meantime, we continue to become more attached to each other as every day goes by.  The Rescue group she is with is starting to put the word out that she is nearly ready for adoption.  I would say she is 99% housebroken at this point.  She had a small boo boo last night but only because there was confusion in the house when someone came to pick up a boarder I had.  I also think it could have been a small jealousy problem which is another reason she probably needs to be adopted sooner rather than later.  

 This is a picture of her doing one of the things she loves best, sleeping on my bed!  And......I wasn't going to let it happen but.....she now sleeps in bed with me at night.  She ALWAYS cuddles up to me at first for great snuggles and kisses but then moves a bit away and settles down.  Dottie never crowds me out of bed so she is the best bed partner a gal could have! 

Here is a picture of one of her wins during her show career.  I don't know if I mentioned it or not but Dottie is an AKC Champion. 

I got word a few days ago that there may be a couple interested in meeting her to determine if she would be a good fit into their home.  I knew it was coming, but when I actually heard it, a lump went to my throat.   I know, I know......everyone thinks I should keep her.  Honestly though, with the uproar my life is, I'm not convinced it would be her best option.  Also, if I adopt her, I wouldn't have room next winter for another foster who might really need a foster parent.  

Soooo....having said that, I need to say......I do like being a foster parent.  Knowing that I am helping a 'furbaby' make a successful transition to a 'forever' home feels very good.  It fills a need for me as well as for the 'furbaby'!   

But.....I already know.....this one won't be easy when it happens!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Queen for a Day

Hi everyone...Dottie on the keyboard.

The weather was yucky here in Arizona yesterday.  The whole time I've been here with my foster mom I've never seen it rain like that.  And boy was it cold!  She was a wimp complaining about the weather all day.  I didn't think it was THAT bad, but she kept saying it was because I wear a fur coat.  Woof!

The situation turned out great for me though because I got to go to the dog park in style.  Yep, that's DROVE me to the park!! 

And....I got to sit in the front seat!!  Wooooof, Wooooof!!! 

Even better, I had the whole park to myself!  I could sniff and scratch to my heart's content even though mom did keep telling me to hurry up!  She kept fussing at me not to get dirty.  I just woofed at her and told her she shouldn't have given me that bath the night before anyway.  Mom was not amused!

 On the way home I made myself comfy in the front seat and laid down.'s good to be Queen!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ok, did someone come in the middle of the night and move the State of Arizona to someplace waaay up north and cold???

 That's snow on the Mountain!! the desert....and only 44 degrees warm (NOT)!  

I think it may be some sort of record.  I have NEVER seen snow here this late.  So I suppose for all my blog friends that suffered through the winter up to their armpits in the white stuff, you could call this......"serves you right!?"

Someone please wake me up, I think I'm having a bad dream!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Watching Eagles Fly.......

......or rather.....hatch!  

I have had so much fun webcam watching the nest of an Eagle family in Decorah, Iowa. 

If you aren't watching them yourself, take a minute and peek in on them!  Last week, two eggs hatched and it is quite amazing to see the baby Eaglets, as well as mom and dad.  I don't think I have ever seen a Bald Eagle and certainly not this close!  

Warning....this is nature at it's finest, so you never know what you might see them eating!  But it is sooo worth it. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finished Project

I finished my Fun Day Sunday project today on Tuesday.

Here it is!

I just love it!  

It expands three times.  
This photo shows it at the second expansion.

 The bottom part is a pocket all the away around the bag.

And here it is, completely unfolded!  
TONS of room!!
I haven't sewn anything other than hem stitching on the machine, in years.  I was pretty pleased with the results.  And even though it has a flower pattern, the colors are southwest looking.  

I think my rug hooking wool is going to look great in there!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun Day Sunday!

What a fun morning!  My friend Jan and I got together at 'super teacher' Judy's house for a 'Sew-In'.  The expandable quilted tote.

We both brought our sewing machines and set up on Judy's dining room table.

I forgot to bring my camera and took this one with my phone, hence the picture is not very clear.   That's Jan, sewing the pocket for her tote.

Here is a peek at my pre-quilted fabric.  I'm also working on the pocket feature.

This is Jan's fabric.  And...much better picture quality since I went home and got my camera!

After carefully measuring and pinning the webbing to the fabric, it's time to stitch it down.

And here she is modeling her newly finished bag!

But wait......there's more!

It opens up to be this big!!!  When complete, this tote actually opens to three different sizes. 

I think I'm going to use mine to carry wool and yarn for my rug hooking projects!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Current and Future

Still no clue what dad and I will do for the summer.  Just doesn't seem to be any quick answers.  I do appreciate the suggestions my readers gave and I thank you all for listening to my rant.  Trust me when I did not hear all of it!  But I don't need to be broadcasting or complaining about my problems anyway.  They are small compared to others. 

Instead, I thought I would share what is currently on my hooking frame.

Notice that the kitty doesn't have any eyes yet.  I am thinking I will use tiny buttons or maybe even a couple of small beads.  Not sure yet.  

And for my future project......


I'm sooo excited about this one!  I purchased this spring time mat from Cathy G at Orange Sink......   If you've been following Cathy's blog you will know she is teaching a hooking class and this is the pattern her students are working on.  I wrote and told her I would love to purchase this pattern if she had a chance to draw one for me.   She did....and I did!!!!

And....she also sent wonderful piece of wool that is a yummy green.  I'm sure she dyed it herself!   If you haven't checked out Cathy's blog, you really should.  I love the artistic eye she has for flowers and color.   I'm really hoping as time goes by that she will draw more patterns and offer them for sale!!  

Thanks again Cathy....I LOVE it!

Hook on everyone!

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