Sunday, April 10, 2011

Queen for a Day

Hi everyone...Dottie on the keyboard.

The weather was yucky here in Arizona yesterday.  The whole time I've been here with my foster mom I've never seen it rain like that.  And boy was it cold!  She was a wimp complaining about the weather all day.  I didn't think it was THAT bad, but she kept saying it was because I wear a fur coat.  Woof!

The situation turned out great for me though because I got to go to the dog park in style.  Yep, that's DROVE me to the park!! 

And....I got to sit in the front seat!!  Wooooof, Wooooof!!! 

Even better, I had the whole park to myself!  I could sniff and scratch to my heart's content even though mom did keep telling me to hurry up!  She kept fussing at me not to get dirty.  I just woofed at her and told her she shouldn't have given me that bath the night before anyway.  Mom was not amused!

 On the way home I made myself comfy in the front seat and laid down.'s good to be Queen!


  1. Dottie you are one pretty canine! You are so lucky your Foster Mom is a groomer! And your grass is so GREEN!
    I hope you get lots of treats today!
    Cathy G

  2. What a pretty dog you are and so spoiled. I wish I was a dog some time just so I could be well taken care of and spoiled. You have it so good/ JB

  3. Dottie, you are so sweet! I'm glad you got out and about today! Gus sends his best...he actually walked around the block today...complete with hills! He's tuckered out now!
    Courtney, and Gus

  4. Hey Gus....I'm so glad you got a great walk today! Nothing like a nap after some good exercise! Thinking about you! Woof woof

  5. Hi Dottie,
    So glad you had the Royal treatment today. All you need now is a crown!

  6. Dottie ~
    Remind you mom how cold it can get back home in Indiana and I bet she would stop her!
    You make a very good queen.
    Pug hugs from Peanut!

  7. Dottie, every dog should ride to the dog park in style! Of course you're the queen!


  8. what kind of spaniel is she - she is beautiful! When I was growing up we had a golden/buff cocker spaniel named Buffy :) We would be running around the yard and Buffy would come stand right in front of us and we would fall right over him.. he was a sweet dog.


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