Monday, April 18, 2011

Humpty Dumpty.....

had a great fall.....oh wait, that wasn't Humpty, that was me!  

I didn't fall off a wall. was more like rolling down a hill.  I've never been known as particularly graceful and I had anything but grace this past Saturday morning at the dog park.  

The day started out innocently enough.  Jump out of bed, get dad's coffee, test his sugar level, get his meds and insulin given, fix his breakfast and hurry up get Dottie out before my grooming job ( a large Standard Poodle) arrived.  I don't remember now what it was, but something got out of sequence and I had to bathe the Poodle before I could take Dottie to the park to do her thing.  I was in high gear.

Our dog park is kind of small, an afterthought actually.  The only place for it to go was at the end of the tennis court at the bottom of a small hill.  It is often wet there because it is low and the water stays.

If you look at the house in this picture you can get a sort of feel for the hill.  Not a big hill but an incline non-the-less.

Unfortunately I had on some rubber sole sandals with no tread and as I started my descent I slipped on the damp grass.  My right ankle rolled inward (hurts just typing that!!) and caused me to pitch forward.  That caused me to fall, well no, roll down the hill landing up against the chain link fence and dropping Dottie's lead in the process.  

There was a couple at the top who heard a rather unpleasant word come out of my mouth as I was falling and when my flubbery body came to a stop, they were kind enough to ask if I was ok or needed help.  I was able to grab Dottie's leash before she got away even though I was sitting there in pained shock.  However, I assured the kind people that I was ok, needed no help, just a little fall and off they went as I pulled myself up.  

Of course, I was totally embarrassed, mad at myself for not being careful, and determined to move on.  After all, I've had sprained ankles all my life so this should have been just another sprain.  I should have known the minute I tried to walk that all was not well in ankledom!

I managed to get Dottie inside the fence so she could do her thing while I tried to shake off the whole incident.  Of course, I text Mr Fix-it who is at home in Indiana and can't help me, but it was the first thing I could think to do.  The moral support was great and he suggested I ask the first person I see for help.

No problem there are always people out and about, walking, riding bikes, in golf carts.  So Dottie and I head up to the street toward home looking for someone to come along.  Do you think anyone came by on this beautiful warm and sunny Saturday????   NO!!  Not one person was out.  

The closer I got to home, which is about three blocks from the dog park, the sicker I was feeling.  At one point, poor Dottie waited in the shade at the end of her flexi-lead waiting for me to catch up!  By the time I made it home, I was feeling faint, sweating and thinking about throwing up.  

 Here, swelling has set in on my right ankle.

A trip to Urgent Care and an Xray confirmed that I had broken my Fibula.  I guess that is a bone on the side of my leg and is broken just above the ankle.  They put me in an air cast and sent me home on crutches with instructions to keep it elevated.  The break is clean so no need for surgery and casting thank goodness!

I go back to the Doctor tomorrow, Tuesday, to see how I am doing.  Am hoping I can at least get off these stupid crutches!  Ok all, remind me not to complain, it could have been much worse.  It's just that I am a caregiver not a caretaker!


  1. My gosh! Your poor ankle. It looks very painful. I can't believe you made it home all on your own in such pain...and managed to hold onto Dottie in the process. As far as the caregiver/care taker thing has a funny way of giving us a bit of a vacation! Let people wait on you for a while until you heal!
    Take care,

  2. Karen,
    You didn't mention pain pills! Hopefully they gave you something as that sounds like it would be unbearable without.....! Now who is taking care of you? That call to Mr. Fix it would have been exactly what I would have done LOL!
    Let us know how you are coming along!
    Speedy Recovery!
    Cathy G

  3. OUCH! I do like the little toe ring you're sporting! LOL Hope you are on the mend (I do hope you were given pain pills) If I lived closer I'd be over in a jiffy! Keep us updated with your progress. Blessings, Julie

  4. Ooooh So sorry this happened - sounds like something would do and then some! Always someone there to witness our greatest moments but like you said when you do need someone.... Well i'm glad you got it looked at and hope it heals quickly!

  5. Karen ~
    OUCH!!! It hurts me just looking at the picture. I hope your pain has somewhat subsided ~ or they've given you some good drugs as Cathy G mentioned.
    I hope you heal quickly!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Oh, ouch! I am so sorry! I hope it's feeling better soon. That must hurt like the devil! It sounds like Dottie was a very good girl for you through it all.

  7. oh no! you poor thing, i cannot believe that it broke! so very happy that it was clean so maybe healing will be so much quicker...i hope you aren't in a lot of pain. i never broke a bone (knock on wood) and i sure don't want to...

  8. That does not sound like a fun outing to the dog park. I know that is exactly what you did not need to happen. As a caregiver, it certainly complicates things when you get sick or injured. Hope you are feeling better.

  9. I'm so sorry this happened. I don't get to comment everyday and feel bad that I haven't been around. What an ordeal, and to even walk with Dottie. Yikes! I hope you feel better soon. Susan

  10. Yes, but the good news is - your feet photograph really well! Tan, trim, flash of bling, gosh, your feet look like they know a good spa when they see one! My feet are jealous!

    and the other good news? Since you broke the tip of your fibula, then you have the same type of injury that gymnasts can get, you active woman you!!! SO now what do you exactly do at the dog park, hmmm?!? I bet it was when you came out of that triple front tuck roll out - that can be hard, esp. when you have to avoid puppies as you go...not many can achieve that!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery :) no pain, the ability to relax and let others take care of you... and while you rest I suggest you shop online for more toe rings - you certainly have the feet for it!!!


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