Sunday, February 17, 2013

It hasn't been the best weather in Phoenix this winter.  We had a major cold snap with 5 nights of sustained freezes that has played havoc on many shrubs, trees and cacti.  Lots of cold, windy and rainy days too.  But even as I hasn't been anything like the weather back home in Indiana.

SOOO....I will try not to complain!!

Life has not slowed down here in Arizona.  In Addition my work as English Cocker Spaniel Rescue Chair keeps me busy, busy, busy!  I even took on a foster dog who's name is Lucky. 
He was given up by his owner and we found him and his sister Lacie, in a California shelter.  We 'sprung' them both from shelter jail!  Lucky is a 'talkative' boy and because of that, the other dogs in the foster home he was in, didn't seem to like him very much.  So a decision was made to send him to me here in Arizona where he would be an only dog and I could get him ready for adoption.
Meanwhile, back home in Indiana....Mr. Fix It is hard at work fixing and remodeling our house to sell.  He retires in one year!  And we can't afford the 'country estate' on retirement! 
A little birdy tells me that he may be too busy playing tea time with his adorable grandaughter, Lacie.  So I'm not sure how well the remodeling is going!!
But then.....who could refuse that priceless little face!!!  If I was home, I 'might' be tempted to put on those big goofy glasses too! 
Well....maybe not! 

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