Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Right Place, Right Time


Things like this don't happen to me very often but this morning I WAS in the right place at the right time!  On my way back from taking Dottie to the dog park, we dropped in on my friend Judy and Dottie's friend Frosty.  We were sitting at her breakfast table having a nice conversation, while Dottie and Frosty visited.   The window in her nook looks directly across an empty lot into my backyard.  It also has a great view of the Superstition Mountains.  I've always been kinda jealous of her view!!

Anyway, we were just blabbing away and I happened to glance out her window when all of a sudden I saw movement.   The movement was in my backyard!  I was stunned as I immediately realized it was a.......Bobcat!!!!
I'd never seen one before and there he was right in my own yard!!   We watched as he sauntered across the yard and walked right along the side of the house and across my carport!

Judy....who was still in her pj's and robe,  jumped up, grabbed her camera, tossed it to me and out I went after the feline.  Now, I didn't have my reading glasses on so I couldn't see if I was capturing it in the pictures or not, I just pointed and clicked.  As I moved as close as I could get, I saw the cat leave my driveway, cross the street and enter my neighbors carport.  He came out on the backside of their house, crossed the golf cart path, jumped up the rock wall and entered someone else's carport!  All the while I am moving toward him and hoping I was getting photos.  

As it turned out, I got four somewhat clear shots before he headed off down another street and I couldn't follow. 

You might be able to click on and enlarge this photo.  The cat is in the street but kind of hidden in the shade.  

 Here he goes under my neighbors carport.

Here he is on top of the rock wall in this photo.

And there he goes onto another neighbors carport/patio!!

I am still so excited that I saw him and captured some photos.  I've been here five winters and this is the first one I've seen.

Now, I just need to see a Mountain Lion and a Javelina!! 


  1. Gosh...that's so cool...I think! I wouldn't want to run across one as I'm absentmindedly carrying in my groceries! These are great pictures! Thank goodness Dottie was safe with you! Exciting!

  2. Wow, nice shots. What a brave girl you are. I would be afraid that the bobcat came all the way there because he's hungry, but then I don't know much about wild animals. I would also be afraid for small animals and kids in the neighborhood. Wild animals who ventures in populated places are pretty bold. JB

  3. Bobcat's are pretty common here in my neighborhood, I've just never managed to see one before. Mountain Lions are common also. Never seen one of those either. We are at the base of the Superstition Mtns and the back of our community sits right on desert State owned land. And, we are in an 55 and over community so never many kids around. I suppose I could be deemed 'crazy' for chasing after the cat to get pics. My daughter says so!!! The cat was good size but mountain lions are bigger. I think I would not chase after a mtn lion, at least not as close as I got to the bobcat!!

  4. That must have been a pretty exciting to actually see him! Imagine if you'd been at home! It seems like he must be a pretty bold fellow, since they usually tend to be a bit shy.

  5. It walked right past my kitchen screen door. I can't imagine what would have happened if Dottie my foster dog had been in the kitchen at that time of day like we usually are!!!

  6. It is very cool but kind of scary too. I'm not sure I would have been following it with a camera. Brave girl.

  7. I love your sighting of the Bobcat! We have them around here but it's very rare to see them. You must have been dashing like mad to get those photos! Beautiful creatures and that one appears to have the natural curiosity of a cat!
    Cathy G

  8. oh my! it looks smaller than i imagined! i bet it was hungry to be that close to the house? i sure am glad we dont have them nor mt.lions around though there are rumors both species are lurking in our county...hard to believe. hop on over if you get a chance this weekend, i am having a freebie from white flower farm...i would love for you to guess! lol...

  9. Really neat to see this! They see several cougars in and around the small town of Ajo where I spend part of the winter...that I do not want to run into. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm your newest follower.

  10. Whew, someone must have forgotten to tell him/her that they are shy! Lee/WV

  11. Oh my Goodness! I think the shot on the rock wall is amazing! Here in Michigan people are just starting to see them again in this area--for the first time in about 50 years or more!

  12. WOW you are a brave lady, I mean a BOBCAT for goodness sakes....I would have run the other way....glad you captured the photos....I mean cats have claws and pounce and run quite swiftly....yup, I would have run the other way! for sure!


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