Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dottie goes for an Overnight

Hi everyone, Dottie here.   I don't think mom is going to be on here for a few days cuz she fell today and broke a bone above her ankle.  So I get to go stay with some other English Cocker friends at Barking Dog Ranch for a couple of days.  I do feel bad cuz it happened this morning when she took me to the dog park.  

Gotta go, my ride is here and I am all packed.  Hope mom won't miss me too much but I kissed her and told her it would be ok!

I'll be back soon and so will mom!


  1. Oh Karen, Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you will be up and better very soon. I am sure Dottie will miss you but I am sure she will be in good hands. Take care, Lisa

  2. Oh, Dottie! Tell Mummy how sad I am to hear of her accident. I hope her ankle mends quickly and you can be back home to give more kisses!
    You need to watch over that foster mom of yours!

  3. Oh Karen, that sucks! Hope you are a speedy healer.

  4. Oh, Karen, I'm sorry! I hope it heals up quickly!

    Dottie, be good while you're at camp!

    Bunny and Carrie

  5. Dottie ~
    Poor mommy. I hope you gave her lots of kisses. You have fun playing with your friends and hopefully mommy will be on the mend soon so you can go back home!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Karen,
    Oh that doesn't sound good! Hope things go okay as I know you have to care for your Dad too! I'll be thinking of you out there and I send wishes for speedy recovery. Will be waiting for an update when you feel up to it!
    (( Hugs ))
    Cathy G

  7. Karen, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Dottie be on your best behavior, will be waiting for an update!


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