Monday, September 21, 2009

About Me!

I set up this blog back in June I think and that's as far as it went. I am such a perfectionist that I couldn't make myself sit down and write about anything because I wasn't sure I'd get it right or what should I write about that someone would want to read AND somebody might read it so it has to be right....right?

Well today I decided enough is enough and I'm just going to get started. I'm not perfect (of course I 'think' I should be!) so my blog shouldn't have to be either! So we shall see what comes out. To get going, I'm going to jump in and tell you a little about me.

I was raised in the country in the middle of Indiana. Farm country. My dad worked a full-time job, a couple of part-time jobs and he also farmed on the side. Mom worked at home raising all 4 kids. We kids grew up running around the acres, getting dirty so mom had plenty of work to do and probably wreaking more havoc than either of our parents thought necessary! We played and worked from dawn til dusk. My 3 brothers helped dad with the farming. I didn't, I was just 'a girl' and women's lib hadn't hit the newstands and tv's yet. A bone of contention with me that I didn't realize until later in life, but that's a whole other story!

My 'farm' job was to feed the sheep, my ponies and later, my horse. Of course, being the girl, housework was always included. One of my favorite memory's was getting to ride in the big red grain truck to the elevator on Saturdays whenever there was a load to sell. I loved it! I remember the dusty smell, the noisy sparrows rushing in to get their share of the goods! The best part was getting a coke out of the machine. Back then, cokes were sold out of those machines for a dime I think and were bottled in glass, not cans like we have today! If we were lucky OR good (not sure what the criteria was) we'd get to bring home bakery goods that sat on the table all morning to be enjoyed by us and anyone stopping by.

I have lots of stories I could tell about growing up on the farm but then I'd be here all day so I think I will fast forward to today and save some of those early memory's for another time. Suffice it to say that I believe you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. And that's me. I grew up, got married, moved to town, had kids, moved back to the country and here I am. I've lived the majority of my life, except for maybe 8 or 9 years, in the country. Consequently, I'm pretty sure that many of the stories that I hope to write on this blog will have something to do with my rural roots!

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  2. Your blog showed up on the Google Reading List this morning! Both posts. I still have the word and photo spacing problem.


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