Wednesday, February 3, 2010

STREAKS OR NO STREAKS, A Window Cleaning Epiphany!

I never cease to amaze myself. Not because I'm smart...... I'm not. It's just that every so often something so simple happens that makes me wonder how did I not know that, why did it take 56 long years for the light bulb to go off on this one!!

Happened today.

My sister-in-law is coming to visit my dad and I in Arizona and staying for a week. I have been so busy grooming dogs, boarding a few and looking after dad that I realized the house was kind of messy. EEEE GAD, time to do some cleaning! The dirt on the patio door has been bothering me somewhat, though not enough to do something about it until now. Deciding that cleaning this window would be my first chore, off I went armed with a full roll of paper towels and vinegar windex in hand.

Now...let me just say, I HATE cleaning windows! I can never, and I do mean never, get them clean or streak-free. I don't know why, I just can't do it. It wasnt' helping much either because this particular task looked daunting thanks to all the wind and rain we've had lately. The glass looked like a dirt road, a red dirt road mind you as our soil here in the desert is reddish pink.

As I faced the door, I firmly planted my feet ample width apart, carefully raised my arm, placed my finger on the trigger of the windex and.........wait, don't shoot! Something in my little pea brain went, "Hey dummy, try wiping the dust off with a dry paper towel first". WHOA, where did that come from!

Oh my goodness, it worked! I didn't spend a half hour washing the door or waste a whole roll of paper towels trying to get the streaks and dirt off! "Hmmm", I said to myself. "Self, I bet there are other people out there that would like to know about this wonderful, easy, time saving tip." I was excited, I'd found something I could share with others that could help them and make their lives easier! "A great topic for my Blog", I thought. I could be the next Martha Stewart.

Then reality set in and I realized the solution had been easy, way too easy in fact. I started feeling rather foolish that I hadn't thought about this before. I mean, come on, what happens when you add rain to dry get mud. Guess it sort of goes without saying that you spray wet solution on a dirt/dust covered window, it's going to get muddy and streak. DUH.

Funny how some things are soooo simple. I don't know why I never thought of this before or why my 'muse' decided to pipe up and finally let me in on the secret........but I'm glad she did.


  1. oooh squeaky clean they look! I'll give you a tip that I learned just a few years ago...Never wash a window or a mirror while the sun is shining on it. It will really streak and always use newspaper..the ink shines the window and eliminates streaking. When I was a buyer for a decorating shop, we watched women cleaning mirrors and after they had cleaned them they took their hands and rubbed them to get the streaks off..It worked. Believe me...there are so many things I am just now learning...and by the way...I think yu are perty smart!


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