Monday, March 26, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

I've been away from blogging for so long I don't think anyone can hear me anymore!  It's been such a crazy time for the past two or more months that I don't know if I'm coming or going! 

First....Mr. Fix It was here for a month and boy did that go fast.  I have so many great photos of mini-trips to share with you all if I can ever find time to blog!  Here is a sneek peak:
Prickly Pear cactus ice cream from Tortilla Flat!  Yummy!!!

Then just before Mr. Fix-it left, my brother flew in to stay for a month.
Kurt trying to nap with one of my day boarder dogs, Jessie.

Then......all you know what broke loose.  Dad was admitted to the hospital with another blood clot.  They don't want to put him on a blood thinner because he is a risk for falls and because he might not even remember to tell anyone if he did fall.   He was in ICU for about 5 days and he fell twice in the hospital but fortunately didn't hurt himself.  I don't know how he managed to escape hurting himself!!! 

In the middle of all this, Mr. Fix-It had to go home.  Sad.   But at least my brother was here to help.  Dad got so weak in the hospital that he had to go to a Rehab facility because he couldn't even walk.  He's been there almost two weeks now and has complained loudly about it nearly everyday.  To the point that I was so stressed, I almost gave up and brought him home last week.  But I didn't cave because he is getting stronger and can walk a very short way with a walker! 

They want him to stay for two more weeks but I think we will probably bring him home this weekend.  That way, Kurt can be here with me to help for a couple of days before he has to go back home.  Not much of a vacation for him but I am soooo grateful he was here!!

In the meantime....the desert is never boring.  We had a hail storm that made it look like the ground was covered with snow.
And believe me it was freezing!!

But just a few days later.......
Back in the 80's and cactus blooming! (oh and rattlesnakes out too!)

You just never know what life is going to send your way!  And with that....I'm off to see dad at rehab and find out what tribulations are brewing there today!!


  1. Good Grief!! One day at a time...

  2. Love the "can you hear me now?" photo! May your Dad continue to get stronger....

  3. I'm sorry about your dad being in the hospital but I'm glad that you had Mr Fix-it there with you for a short month at least. What a blessing to have your brother visiting just at the right time to help you some with your dad.

    I haven't done much blogging either. It seems that lots of my blogger friends are stressed out as life catches up with them. We all lead such busy lives these days. It happens to all of us. We understand.

    Rattlesnakes? I would be in a constant state of fear.

    Stay safe and take care of yourself. JB

  4. Wow! You have so much going on right now. Sorry to hear that your dad is feeling poorly. I hope that he can come home soon. Good to know you've had help with Mr. Fix-it and your brother.

    It's good to hear from you. Like Julia said...many of us are struggling to blog regularly. Glad you popped by to say hi!!

  5. So sorry about your dad. So glad he is recovering though. Things are crazy here in Indiana. We have record high temps and everything is in full bloom. On the first day of spring, my daffodils were already dead. Looking forward to hearing about that foster dog of yours!

  6. Karen ~
    Just remember that stressed spelled backwards is desserts! My, your stress level must be off the chart. Thankfully you haven't had to do it all alone! Hang in there and hopefully your dad will continue to get stronger.
    That cactus is beautiful!!!
    Hugs :)

  7. Karen,
    How did I miss this post? Goodness, you have had a time of it. I hope your Dad regains enough strength to get home and move around the house a bit without too much trouble. Between the blood clots and falls he is very fortunate to still be here. I'm glad you had Mr. Fix It and your brother to help out through it all.
    Hang in there!
    Big hugs, Kim


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