Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time Moves On

I've been gone from blogging far too long.  When I stepped up to the plate last year and took over as English Cocker Spaniel Rescue Chairman, I knew I would be busy, but I wasn't thinking it would overtake my blogging time.  

So very many things have occurred since I last blogged.   Things with dad, doctor visits, therapy appointments, dogs needing saved, family concerns, and before I knew it, it was time for dad and I to head back to Phoenix for the winter.  

Of course, that meant lots of packing and prepping.  Closing the house in Indiana, opening up the house in Phoenix, unpacking, cleaning and of course, my dog grooming clients were all waiting for me to get back so I could 'fix' their dogs!!   

Finally.....finally, things have slowed down a bit!  Today we are having rain and that's the first time we've had rain since we got here two months ago!!

Today, the clouds are hanging low over the Superstition Mountains!  And it's cold!  I won't be surprised if there is snow on the Mountain tops when the clouds clear.  

But the good thing about a day like this is that I don't feel like I have to be 'doing' something!  I have no grooming jobs today and I'm all caught up with our Rescue Dogs and it's raining so I can't work in the yard.  What better to do than blog I say!!!

I have so many pictures and stories to share with you, but it will take some catching up to accomplish that!!   Where to start, where to start?  Oh...I know.......

My baby brother came to have Thanksgiving with dad and I and stayed for about a week.  While he was here, I managed to sneak away and attend a ceramic painting class here in our community, I had sooo much fun!

Our instructor in the back, 'throwing' a pot!

 And here, the lady next to me paints her bowl with raku paints and glazes.

This is my project.  I chose a horse, because I'm different!!  The colored one in the back was already done and fired by the instructor.  I thought I would use hers as a kind of guide.  

Here is my project after being painted with the raku glazes.  It's quite an interesting project because the piece comes out looking so differently after it has been fired!  Wait til you see the finished product!!!

Are you waiting?

I am so excited by how it came out!!

Still waiting????

Here it comes...........



Really different right!!  I had no idea what to expect but I love it!  I'm hoping there will be another class the next time my brother decides to visit!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!  I am so glad to have had time to sit down and share.  I only hope I still have some followers out there that have not given up on me in my absence!

*Note to self.....make more time to blog and don't wait for a rainy day in Arizona to do it cuz they don't happen often!!


  1. Hi karen, so glad to hear from you again. Welcome back to blogland.

    Your horse looks fantastic. Ceramics is a such great hobby and I used to have a teaching studio and taught for ten years then I bought a larger studio and went into manufacturing greenware and sold retail and wholesale for another ten years.

    It's very cold here at -12 Celcius or 10.4 F. Brrrrrr

    Looking forward to your next post to see your photos.

  2. Welcome back! Great job on the ceramic horse. It looks wonderful. I hope you get more rainy days so we hear from you more often! ;)

  3. Welcome back! good to here all the catch up news.

  4. Oh, your horse turned out beautifully! I love how the glaze fired. I'd be proud about it too!

  5. Hi Karen, welcome happy to hear from you. Hope both you and your dad are doing well. Looking forward to reading more of what you have been up to. Merry Christmas to you, greetings from Maine, Julie.

  6. Karen,
    See..... you have many faithful followers who didn't give up on you!!
    Wow....that is amazing how that glaze fires up into something sooooo beautiful! I did a little work with pottery in high school.... so very long ago!! LOL!! A very fun hobby!
    It's wonderful to see you blogging again!
    Big hugs!!!
    Cathy G

  7. Karen ~
    I, too, am so happy to hear from you! It sounds like things are going well since Dad was able to head to Phoenix once again.
    Whodda thunk the horse would turn out the way it did? When I saw the red splotches, I'm wondering if you'd gone! It looks wonderful!
    Doing any hooking?
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Hi Karen,
    So glad to hear life is okay. Can't believe your caught up on grooming, I feel like I have not left my grooming room in weeks! Everyone wants their baby done for Christmas..... My shoulders hurt, I'll be glad when this weeks over. No more after friday untill January!
    We are get pounded by this storm, they are calling for northern Utah to get around 20" in the valleys. Glad I'm more central, but still think we will get dumped on due to lake affect snow. I wish it would stay in the mountains...
    Glad to see you back amoungst us, we have missed you!

  9. I am so thrilled to hear from all of you!!! It's like having a reunion of friends!! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I am going to make an effort to find time to blog and keep up on all of your blogs!! I have really missed it!! Stay warm everyone!

  10. Glad to see you blogging again! I do love the horse!

  11. I LOVE your horse!! It turned out great! When my boys were little, I made ceramics ~ a good way to have something for myself when most everything revolved around 3 little boys. It was the first thing I did that told me that I, too, was creative!! My former Mother-in-law got me started and that opened the doors for me into this creative world I live in now!!! Glad to hear from you ~ I thought I had missed your posts ~ but alas, that wasn't the case! Welcome back!!

  12. So glad you are back. I love the horse

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