Friday, March 12, 2010


"911 what is your emergency please".

"Send someone quick, there's been a murder committed in my house.  You've got to send someone NOW"!

"Calm down maam, we'll get someone out right away.  Are you sure the victim isn't breathing".

"NO, I don't know where the victim is.....but there's blood EVERYWHERE"!!

"Maam you have to stay calm"!

"Please hurry, send CSI, NCIS, the CRIME LAB,  this is awful, there is blood spatter all over the floor.  Someone needs to dust for prints.  I'm sure they can get some DNA if they hurry"!


Ok....... I've been watching waaaay too much tv lately!

So I had a little brain fade when I saw all that blood!!  It did kinda look like a blood bath had taken place on my once white floor.  Alas, there was no murder, no body, no Crime Lab unit needed.

Just lots of blood from the nail of one little 15 month old Shitzu I had just groomed.   But how did THAT much blood come from just one little dog?  After all I probably didn't even nip off an eight of inch but boy did it ever bleed.  As a groomer I HATE to get a nail bleed!  Sometimes I think other groomers don't trim nails simply because they don't want to get bit or don't want to deal with bleeding.  However, that just makes it worse for the groomer that does do the right thing and trim the nails! 

The victim is the little one on your left and as you can see....alive and well.  Ok, so no one needs to dust for prints this time.  I just need to mop my floor! 

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