Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TIME TO HEAD HOME all goes so fast.  Dad and I hit the Arizona desert for the fourth season in a row last November, 1st.  Here it is May 5th and we have only a few hours left before the plane leaves.

We had a good time this year. 

I think that makes time go faster.

Dad enjoyed trips to McDonalds!

And there was Shari, his WONDERFUL Physical Therapist! 
Of course she always made his blood pressure rise and then she would have to call his doctor!!

Then there was the St. Patty's day party in Montesa hall.

And he loved this old car we saw.

Of course, the best was relaxing!

And , he enjoyed all the visitors he had this winter.

Yep, life was good!  And now it's time to get back to Indiana and see what's going on there!


  1. Welcome back! Your dad looks great.

  2. He does look good! He's not too happy that it is 40 degrees cooler here than AZ though!

  3. I somehow missed this post..your dad looks good and so do you. It's warm and sunny here now...finally!


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