Monday, June 21, 2010


Boredom on a recent Sunday found us heading out for a Sunday drive.  It was a pretty day, warm and sunny and a great day to work at home in the yard but somehow, that just wasn't what anyone wanted to do!

Heading out with no particular place to go, we found ourselves cruising down IN State Road 3 in the east central part of the State.  Our drive took us past quaint little towns, beautiful barns, farms, livestock, corn and bean fields.  It was a serene tour with sites typical of rural Indiana.

Somewhere between Greentown and Greensburg we came across a tiny little community called Milroy, IN, where just on the outskirt of town, (kind of in the middle of nowhere!) we found a place to eat.  Who doesn't like to go out for a Sunday drive and a meal!  It is a 'must do'!!

The Dutch Mill, restaurant located at, 8500 South State Road 3, Milroy, Indiana, was a GREAT out of the way find.  The old windmill in front of the establishment beckoned us to try it out.

 Of course the sign stating the eatery featured an 'Amish Style Cookin' Buffet' didn't hurt either!

The restaurant features a menu you can order from with items such as catfish, meat loaf, pork chops and so forth, but who could pass up choosing the buffet.   

We had arrived at the restaurant around 2 in the afternoon and found that the food selection provided many choices from breakfast brunch to.......

fried chicken, meat loaf, potatoes, salads.......


 corn bread, homemade Amish bread AND peanut butter,  iced cinnamon rolls........

pies of all kinds, cookies.....and ice cream.

        ( Dad finishing off his meal with soft serve ice cream!)

I certainly recommend 'The Dutch Windmill' to anyone that wants to venture out for a nice Sunday drive and meal!  Just bring your appetite.



  1. Looks like such a nice trip! You always have fun places to go on your muse. We just stay in the backyard and work...we need to get out! The food looks delish!

  2. If you head toward Salem this year let me know a while in advance so I can request some photos......

  3. We had planned to go back to Salem this summer but now that dad is staying with me, don't know if he will agree to a road trip of that length! I will let you know!


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