Saturday, June 18, 2011

Iris Needs a Home

Meet Iris!

Iris is a 9 week old special needs kitty that needs a furever home.  Sorry about the picture quality, my cellphone camera doesn't seem to be taking the best photos these days.  

I met Iris on a recent trip to my vet's office.  She's living there until the right family comes along.  She is a very lucky little kitty too, though some might not think so.  You see, Iris has no eyes, they just aren't there, never were.  But...a wonderful person found this lucky little girl and took her in to Dr. Carter's office where they have vetted her and will keep her until a home is found. 

Iris doesn't have any idea that she is different than other kitties because she has never known life any differentlyShe plays just like other kits the same age and has the best purr ever!  She responds well to voices and her hearing is just fine!  Iris is very smart too and knows exactly where the door is to get out of her kennel when someone comes to visit her.  

She needs to go to a home that has no stairs and someone who is willing to love a blind furbaby, but what is not to love!  She is absolutely adorable!!!

And besides, who wouldn't want a kitty that will probably never learn to jump up on counters and the table, because, she won't know they are there!!!! 

Do you know anyone who could give her a home?


  1. Oh poor little kitty, to be born without eyes. She looks like a little stuff toy. I sure hope that some kind person can take this kitten in and give her a loving home. JB

  2. I hope someone gives her a good home. Keep us posted.

  3. Aww! She's adorable! She wouldn't be safe here, but I hope she finds the perfect home!

  4. What a sweety! I bet she will find a perfect home.

  5. Awww, you will have to keep us posted on this one. Iris looks lovely. I hope the right person comes along soon.

  6. Poor little darling. You're right, though. Animals seem to take these challenges much more in stride...I was just reading about that philosophy last you can learn from them about how to live in the moment! I hope she finds a good home soon...I think the new owner will find they've lucked out with her indeed!

  7. Here's hoping that Iris finds a home very soon. What a little cutie!
    Hugs :)

  8. Oh I would give Iris a home in a heartbeat, I hope the right person comes along, If only I lived closer. Keep us posted!


  10. Oh my what a precious kitty and a wonderful 'sad' yet 'happy' kitty.
    I pray someone will adopt her - she needs so little...JUST LOVE.



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