Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lissa Update

Several of you have asked about my newest foster, Lissa and how we are getting along. 

This is what she does most of the time!  
Snoozing away on the living room floor. 

The rest of the time......not so good!  She constantly challenges me and if we manage to take one step forward, she steps back three!  Sometimes I catch myself thinking that the dog is going to get the best of me and I've never had that happen.  

She is scared to death to go outside and I have to pull her down the hall and out the front door!  Often when we get to her bathroom spot, she spins, whirls and pulls me to get back inside.  Needless to say, she has fooled me quite a few times thinking she was 'done' with her business when she was not.  The problem with this is, whenever I am not looking.....she finishes her business inside on the dining room carpet.  She is smart like that, knowing just when to do it so I can't catch her in the act.  Now, I've house-trained lots of dogs before but always use a crate.  I don't have a crate for her nor would she go in one if I did.  I tried putting her inside of an exercise pen (a metal portable folding fence) and that was a disaster because she freaked out so badly.  

I bought a great little Bissell Green Machine and every time I am down on the carpet scrubbing away, she is laying comfortably on the living room floor giving me the 'eye'.  Like she is saying,  "See what you made me do because you forced me to go outside"!  She knows exactly what she's done and that it is wrong, wrong, wrong!  She knows that I won't correct her if she isn't seen doing it.  Have I mentioned that she is one smart cookie?

So, in frustration and talking about this problem with my foster coordinator, she decided it was time to try an Animal Communicator to talk some sense into Lissa.  A what?!  Ok......I am open to anything if it will help. So, the Communicator was contacted and pictures of Lissa emailed to her.  She is in Georgia, I'm in Arizona and this reading is all done telepathically.  Nothing to do now but wait.  
Then, out of the blue yesterday, I received the following email:

She tells me that when she’s outside it gives her a prickly feeling, like being electrically charged, static snapping, everything is sharp and her feet are tender.  I get the feeling there might be a crack in her one or more of her pads? I also get that she’s feeling pretty stressed about what is hers, if she’s wanted and where she’s going from here.  She’s afraid of abandonment, and a “revolving door”.  She’s not getting anything that she’s used to so her comfort zone has been destroyed.  She’s used to being in control and now she’s not.  She’s trying her best to control you to make herself feel more comfortable as she isn’t aware that there is a clear alpha in the pack since she’s not allowing herself to be open to the rules.
The front door is facing the wrong direction, I get that there is a huge brightness when the door is opened which she is not used to.  She tells me that it is huge… the door, and the light is shockingly bright.
I get that she will continue to try and control the situation by acting out the only way she knows gets her results until she relaxes enough into a role/slot she belongs in.  But right now she does not trust what is going on around her is in her best interest and she doesn’t have the personality of going with the flow.
She shows me a picture of a hotdog… I think she really liked or likes hotdogs.  This might work to your advantage ;-)

Well to say I was surprised by some of what she wrote is an understatement!  First, Gail the Animal Communicator, doesn't know where we live.  She doesn't know that Lissa goes outside to the bathroom on rocky dirt ground because I can't get her to go to the dog park where the grass is.  I did check her feet completely but found no cracks in her pads.  

What really blew me away though was the comment about the door.  There is no way in the world for Gail to have known anything about my front door.  The door, faces east/southeast but is only slightly larger than a normal door, but the porch it opens onto is big!  And there is the light situation, the shockingly bright light.  Ok are you ready for this photo?

 This picture was taken today.  The hallway leading to the door is dark, but....need I say more about the "shockingly bright light"!!!!

Stay tuned for part II of the reading! 



  1. So fascinating! I believe that people have certain abilities to sense things...and it would explain a lot with your pup. I got so sad when it said she feels abandoned. Keep us posted!!

  2. OMGosh....spooky!
    Goodness I pray this lady is all wrong...Lissa should not feel abandoned...not living with you who loves animals so much. Oh...I hope this all works out.

  3. I don't know what to think. To think she knew about the door. But then again, every time you open a door in my house light pours in too. I hate to think of her feeling sad. You are such a kind foster mom.

  4. Very interesting about the communicator. Sometimes if we have a foster dog that just doesn't seem happy in one particular home, we try to move them around to see how they do. Hope you keep taking baby steps!

  5. Karen ~
    Please keep us posted.
    I think I would be at my wit's end! My foster Annie is driving me crazy half the time and I am not dealing with the potty issues. I would have a real problem with that. Just let me say, "YOU ARE A SAINT!". (Sorry. Didn't mean to yell.)
    Big hugs :)

  6. Hmm, sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear the rest. Hopefully it will help Lissa.

  7. Karen, I wish I could give you and Lissa a big hug. What you do is so wonderful. I know it's frustrating, but hopefully Lissa will understand one day, and know that there is nothing but love and safety surrounding her. She is such a beautiful girl. Happy Holidays!

  8. Oh, poor girl... our Marley came to us after being dropped off like a bag of trash. She was scared to death of people and ran loose for months (prior to us winning her trust) I have an old blog, don't post there anymore... or haven't in a long time called Marley and Us.

    Time and patience can win her heart over.
    Best Wishes!

  9. That is pretty fascinating!

    My experience with hard to house train hounds has been to tether them to me when we're in the house so that they can't pull the sneaking off routine. I do know that one of mine has very tender feet and she wouldn't like the rocky ground, either. Is there another possible place you could try taking her?

  10. My goodness, this is getting quite interesting. I heard of dog massage to relax them and also some kind of jacket to stop anxiety. I wonder if Lissa is depressed or scared of snakes or something.
    I would be at my wits ends too if I had to deal with this anxious dog. I hope that you can find a solution soon. Hang in there.

    I'm anxious for part 2.


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