Friday, April 16, 2010


Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!

Ok, so I admit, I went a little crazy this winter buying pieces of wool to support my rug hooking habit.  But I just couldn't help myself!!!
Well......maybe it's not all my fault?  Hey I can probably blame it on Frances Granatino of 
Sun and Wind Farm,

Yeah that's's her fault because she sells some of the most gorgeous 
hand-dyed wool listed on Ebay auctions!

 You can see from the pictures how beautiful the wools are right?   You should see them in person!  

Everything from vibrant Easter egg colors to down right subtle earth tones. 

Even the names Frances gives each piece of wool are yummy, thought evoking and inspiring too:  

Secret Glade;  Butterscotch; Desert Dawn; Scarlet Sky; Lime Chiffon

Just to name a few!

But now I have to get busy and use the wool.  Of course, that's not as easy at it sounds!  Rug Hookers are wool hoarders at heart, just like hand craft jewelry beaders are.  

I did cut some of the color 'Sapphire Horizon' wool to use in the sky for my Easter rug that I'm not finished with yet (see a couple of blog post's back). 

It was like pulling teeth to make myself cut it!

Tempting just to put it all away with the rest of my stash for safekeeping, then take it out every so often to touch it, drool over it, count it,.......ewwww.

I really am sounding like a hoarder!!!!

So this is starting to sound creepy...... but honest......other rug hookers out there can relate to what I am saying right???!!!   Hmmmm.....I wonder if there is a rug hookers anonymous?

Anyway, I am in no way affiliated with Frances (and she's probably glad of that after admitting my creepy hoarding addiction!) just a really satisfied rug hooker.   And that a whole other topic!


  1. Those colors are gorgeous! I love how you displayed them. I would just lay them on a bed like that and then never sleep on it...just look at the pretty colors.

  2. I know!!! I just hate to cut them. But I just sold two of my rugs so now I can buy MORE pretty colors!!!


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