Friday, April 9, 2010

A Rags to Riches 'TAIL'

Jerry and Peggy Kroon headed out to a local PetsMart to look at cats up for adoption.  They planned to adopt a feline pet to keep their English Bull Mastiff, company.  Ginger, who tops the scale at a mere 100 lbs, is a shy girl and seemed lonely when Peggy and Jerry, retired winter residents at Montesa, in Gold Canyon, Arizona, were in and out during the day.  

Best laid plans are often doomed to fail and as Peggy was checking out the kitties, Jerry stumbled across a shaggy, frightened little dog looking for his chance at a 'furever' home with a loving family.  Huddled in the corner of a crate, the little terrier mix, pulled Jerry's heart strings and he had to be sure Peggy saw the boy.  Peggy was immediately smitten.  

He was a scrappy little guy that had survived unknown terror in the dangerous Arizona desert before someone found and rescued him.  The adoption people called him a designer terrier/poodle.  Peggy and Jerry didn't care what he was and named him 'Rags' on the spot.  It suited him with his scruffy, raggedy coat and before  they knew it they were heading home with their newly adopted fur family member to meet Ginger. 

Rags' life changed forever!  He is slowly, very slowly, learning to trust mankind again.  He leans on his 'big sister' Ginger to show him the ropes.  Ginger is even a little more outgoing as well, often butting in between Rags and a human to grab pets for herself so that Rags can't have them all!   

Rags loves his new 'furever' family but is not completely sure about all the trappings of domestic life and wonders why his big sister doesn't have to wear a funny looking collar, a diaper and a baby onesie.  He didn't think he really needed to be neutered anyway.   

Ginger on the other hand, thinks his costume is just fine!!

And they live happily ever after.


  1. Thanks for the little story. I sent it to some friends and family. Jerry


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