Tuesday, July 6, 2010


If you read my last post you'll know I have been fervently on the hunt for the wild Indiana black raspberry.  I fought off mosquitoes, Japanese beetles and spiders as well as peril to my hands and clothes from thorns and sticker bushes to garner this fruity little prize.  

I'm sure you may wonder, "Why in the world would anyone go to that much trouble for tiny  little black berries!"

It's my grandmother's fault really.  When I was young I remember her lovingly trying to teach me how to 'flute' the crust of a pie.  When the lesson was done, the pie baked and cooled, I got to eat my just desserts.  At the time, I didn't really know what blackberries were and I certainly hadn't developed a taste for them yet.  In fact, I really thought the pie was kinda 'gross' with all those seeds!  

Time has a way of changing our taste buds when we least expect it and now 50 plus years later, I find that my mouth waters with the thought of a blackberry pie in the oven.  

Looks yummy doesn't it!  

Guess what.....it is!!!!

Stay tuned.....next blog post, my blackberry pie recipe


  1. Can't wait for the recipe! I wish you'd bring that pie over tomorrow!

  2. LOL....maybe you should make a trip to the country and claim a piece for yourself!!!


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