Saturday, July 17, 2010


Appearing locally, lead singer Rocky Raccoon, had "no comment" regarding his upcoming appearance at this years fest.  

Raccoon and his heavy metal, grunge/punk band members, The Smashing Bird Feeders, are set to appear in the local hot spot, Back Yard Theater. 

                                        (a fan checks out the bands souvenir merchandise)

Several stages have been set to accommodate the band's showy and often times, wild acts, such as bungee tree jumping and high wire climbing.

For readers that may not now know, the word Lollapalooza means, 'extraordinarily impressive' and is a touring festival that travels bringing it's unusual acts to various venues.  Last nights performance was no disappointment to the waiting and anxious fans on the ground.  Rocky Raccoon and his Smashing Bird Feeders were a hit again this year as they have been in summers past.  

Once the show is over though, the real work starts.  Roadies must disassemble stages and move all equipment and band members to their new location. 

Roadies work long into the next day.


Equipment is often heavy and cumbersome to move.  Band members are typically grouchy having been on stage all night and have been known to complain loudly to those roadies just trying to do their jobs.

 The show must go on though, and the entourage arrives safely at it's next concert location.

Before heading off to check out this new venue's facilities, Rocky was asked how last night's show went.  Clearly worn out from performing and partying all night, Rocky and his band members declined to speak to the press.  

One thing seems certain, fans should expect a Lollapalooza Raccoon Fest 2011, as this venue has been extremely popular with many of these punk rock bands whether they want to talk about it or not!


  1. makes me laugh to read it!!!

  2. Hee Hee! Now you can come to my house and rid the pesky critters. I looked out last evenind and saw a mother with 5 or 6 young strolling down the walk in the back yard. Not sure how many young, they were buzzing back and forth so fast I couldn't count. Does not help that the neighbors directly to the north, rather than put their trash in a container, set it out their back door.

  3. Yes, that should be eveninG. Your dad looks great.

  4. Hahahaha! I can just see the babies zipping to and fro!!!


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