Friday, September 17, 2010


Not to be outdone by her FireFighter grandpa, Lacie's dad suggests a career in farming!

 She looks like she is having fun driving a combine.  

Who knew!!


  1. Obviously this lucky little girl is not starved for attention! lol And she will have a wonderful foundation under her when she grows up and decides her future!

  2. Little farmer gal is just too cute. Love the hair.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Thanks ladies! She is definitely adored here and gets waaaaay too much attention!! She is so stinkin' cute! And the other day, she had on bib overalls! I love her hair like that, I told her mom that she looks like Pebbles from the Flintstone cartoons. Too cute.

  4. Hi Karen,
    I am so glad you stopped by my place. I love visitors. I have enjoyed your site. I am so looking forward to the new frame. I won't get it for a few days at least. I will gladly let you know what happens. Nice to "Meet Ya" Hope you have a great week. Lisa


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