Friday, September 24, 2010

SHERIDAN, FLYING ACE! the's a's a's.......SUPER CAT!

 Sheridan the super cat is on a mission.

Sheridan, who is the most suave and debonair cat on the farm (and the most handsome in his opinion!) is out to save the day! 

HMMM....I hope his mission doesn't have anything to do with the bird feeder in the left-hand corner of the above picture.   NO, it couldn't, not my Sheridan!  There must be a damsel in distress up there.  Yes I'm sure of it!!

AAAANNNNDDDD.......he's off!

HO HUM......resting up for his next mission.  
"Don't bother me", he says,  "I'm a super cat, super star"!!

This super cat MUST have more than nine lives.  


  1. Karen ~
    Those are GREAT pictures!!! In the first pic he looks like an owl. How on earth did you capture him in mid-air?
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Thanks Lauren.....I don't know how in the world I caught him mid-air! I knew he was going to do it and I just snapped. To make it even harder, all of those were taken with my cell phone!!!!

  3. Hey Karen!
    Thouht I'd stop in and say hi! I heard you had a cool cat. I have to agree! Snag ole Sheriden up and skip on over to my place, Skippy would love a visit too!

  4. Very cute post. I love the pic where he is creeping towards the bird feeder - looks a bit like a panther stalking his prey!

  5. Karen, Sheridan looks like a black panther up there in the tree. He sure is handsome kitty! I think he knows it too by the way he looks sitting in that chair. We have chairs just like that on our deck.



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