Sunday, May 29, 2011

Count Down

I have officially begun the count down to heading home.  Only nine days as of tomorrow left here in sunny Arizona.  We've had several 100 degree days but I really don't mind them.  On the other hand, I am not looking forward to the humidity in Indiana.  I would take the 100 degree days here to 80 and humid any day!!

And there is the broken bone in my leg/ankle.  I guess the bone is healed, I have to go back for a final xray but it feels great.  The sprained ankle part though, still gives me some trouble.  I couldn't do any dog grooming for three weeks.  Of course by now, most of the snowbirds are gone so I only have a grooming job once or twice a week now which is fine by me.  So things are slowing down here to say the least.  

I am trying to take advantage of these last several days to relax before dad and I head back.  There will be lots to do there now that dad has purchased a home and he has nothing to go in it.  And I do mean nothing!  No kitchen stuff, towels, furniture, nothing.

But I'm sure that will be fodder for my blogging life once I am dealing with it.   In the meantime, I thought I would show you pictures of what I am enjoying......for now!

This is the gorgeous pool and Community Center at our place.  There are a few people in the water on the other end but again, so many people are gone that often you might be the only one here. 

That is a huge Saguaro cactus.  They grow straight and tall for 70 years before they get their first 'arm', so this guy is pretty old.  

 And then.....there's me!  You can probably detect that my right ankle is still swollen.  Oh....and I painted my toenails to make me feel better when I was wearing that heavy black boot!!  

I hesitate to share these photos with you all.  Don't want you to think I'm bragging.  It's not usual for me to sit and relax like this and trust me, in the height of the winter season, I am rarely down here because there are so many dog grooming appointments.  

But I must say......I am enjoying it......for a few more days!


  1. No apologies needed! You go girl and relax while you can!
    Your ankle looks pretty darn good for all it's been through.
    It sounds kind of exciting to be setting up house keeping anew! At least you'll have a good excuse to go shopping! LOL
    Cathy G

  2. I say enjoy it to the hilt! I sure would if I were there!

  3. Ah...the calm before the storm of moving! I say relax all you can. It will be fun to stock up a new house. I need to seriously get myself to pack something today!! I've done nothing. Hope your move goes smoothly. Keep us posted.

  4. Sometimes, things happen to make us slow down and enjoy.

  5. I'm even enjoying seeing you enjoying some sun and relaxation. We actually have some sun today here too. Just enjoy it to the full while you can. JB

  6. You certainly have earned the right to put your feet up! I would fully take advantage of all the pool time I could get, sounds like quite an adventure you have in front of you! Looking forward to future posts, hugs from Maine, Julie.

  7. Karen ~
    That pool looks so inviting! Glad the bone has healed ~ hopefully the sprain will heal soon, too. I've heard a sprain can be worse than a break.
    Happy Memorial Day to you and Dad.
    Hugs :)


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