Thursday, May 5, 2011

Globe Rocks!!

I've always been fascinated with rocks.  When I was growing up I had grocery bags full of my specially collected rocks.  I don't know what I thought I would ever do with my collection but it lived in those paper bags (you know, the OLD time ones before there were non-biodegradable plastic ones) in my closet.  

I don't remember throwing them out, but I guess at some point I must have because I don't have them anymore.  Thank goodness!  Well at least not those ones anyway.  The urge to collect rocks still overcomes me today.  Weird I know.  I am always looking at the ground and picking up an unusual stone.  Today I was on a cleaning frenzy and had to throw some outside that I had 'found' a couple of years ago!  

On my recent excursion to Globe and the Besh-ba-Gowah Indian Ruins I was in my element being surrounded by the long gone village of stone.  Of course, I took pictures of them.  

 This was at one time an entrance to a storage room

 This was living quarters or another storage area.  

This is just a rock on the side of the structure.  I love that rock!  The color stria-ting through it, the texture!  It's just so earthy.  Yep, weird!

Another room.

I don't know what it is that fascinates me so!


  1. I like rocks too. Especially geodes. I have a large rock I found that has crystals in it. I keep it in the garden. I've moved it once and I'll move it again to our new house! I like heart rocks as well!
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. You are not alone. I love rocks too and I am always on the look out for heart rocks. I also love rounded rocks I have a huge bolder on my front lawn and three round rocks in my roll top desk and 2 heart stones in my garage. I once found a perfect heart stone and gave it to my grand daughter because she wanted it. I painted a bunny rock. Maybe I should do a post on rocks some time. JB

  3. Love the rocks too - they could tell stories I'm sure!

  4. I'm the same way! When I was a teenager I used to cook on the oil rigs, and of course oil rigs tend to have geologists on them. I would drive those poor people nuts having them look at every little thing I picked up on the gravel roads.

    and this?


    and this?


    and this? granite

    and this?


    ooooooooooooooh! shaaaaaaale!

    Love your shots - that place looks too cool.

  5. Oh! We were on a rock hunt yesterday, for garden rocks. Guess where we looked...the Rocky River near Cleveland. Rocks were found, but we'd loved to find some big, beautiful globe rocks like that! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  6. I've always collected rocks too, every trip we atae I have to bring back a few rocks, of course I forget where most of them came from anyway. I've never been to this ruin, thanks for the photos and we'll make sure to go there sometime.

  7. I can never throw away a rock!! I keep a rock for memories of every where I've been. Sometimes I forget what memory goes with each rock but I still have the rocks.

    I am drawn to them, the unusual, the simple, the beautiful.

    I have used Dad's rock collection around and in the water garden. It grows each year as I add my own.

    My husband even brings me rocks to please me, he knows the way to my heart!

    I totally understand the allure of rock hunting...and keeping.

  8. Wow I am so excited to know that there are other 'rock hounds' like me out there!!! All these years and who knew!!! 'Rock' on girls!!!


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