Thursday, May 26, 2011

Packing it In

Won't be starting any rug hook projects until sometime after I get back to Indiana.  Have less than two weeks left in Arizona and I am starting to organize to leave which means packing up my hooked projects, wool, frame, cutter and all that good stuff. 

My latest project is not done but will finish it after I get back and settled in.  Not sure when that will be as I will have a lot to do getting dad and I settled into the house he has purchased back there.  Lot's of shopping to be done for all kinds of stuff so it may take me while to hook again.  Although, my sister-in-law is looking forward to coming over and having a 'hook-in' with me!  Dad's new place is about five minutes from her so that will really be fun to have someone to work with! 

Here are pictures of my latest project.

I haven't decided if I will finish this one as a pillow or a hanging mat.  Leaning towards a pillow but it might be too big.  The finished size is 16" x 20".   

Any thoughts? 


  1. It's wonderful! I actually like it as a hanging mat...but don't go just by me! I so sympathize with your move, as you know! Change...well...we'll figure it out, won't we?

  2. Karen,
    I will be keeping you in thought while you make the move! It sounds like something positive has already transpired by you having someone to hook with! I know you will enjoy that!
    I will go opposite of Courtney (smile) and say that I think the kitty rug would be a nice pillow! Nice size for a couch! But a hanging mat would be easier to accomplish! I love the rug and colors a lot!
    I wanted to tell you that those red and green dog collars are adorable! My dogs could use some new collars but they don't seem to care what they are wearing.... typical boys I guess!
    Keep us posted on your move!
    Cathy G

  3. Karen, I hope that the move will go smoothly. I remember not long ago, you were agonizing about what to do and now things are definitely taking shape and it's only a matter of executing your plan. In a matter of a short time everything will fall into place. Things will be better for you.

    Your rug looks great. I would probably use it as a wall hanging too. Hugs, JB

  4. Thinking of you during your move. Lots of fun to furnish a new place.

    Your rug is a piece of art and I would display it proudly on the wall...but it's yours so you chose.

  5. Thanks girls!!! I really like this mat, love the little kitty. And are right, it wasn't that long ago that I was agonizing!! Now all I have to do is get used not living living in the country for the summer months. That will be hard!!

  6. I too love your latest hooking project, I vote for a hanging mat! Good luck with the move, it must be quite an undertaking. Love the doggie collars! Blessings to you and your Dad, safe travels, Julie.

  7. Oh, I love that! You'll be back just in time for all the heat and humidity. ;-)

  8. Christine....yeah can't wait for that humidity! I'll take 100 and no humidity any day!! I'm just hoping it stops raining back there by then!!!

  9. This is gorgeous! I think it's not too big for a pillow. Beautiful work.

  10. Karen ~
    Cute kitty! I vote for a wall hanging!
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Pug hugs :)


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