Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr. Fix It Makes It

Mr. Fix It has a project!  

It started like this.
Then....the sawhorses appeared

 Then his granddaughter, Miss Lacie, found some great sand and pebbles in Mr. Fix It's work space.

Then.....I got roped into helping!

Mr. Fix It added some extra details for architectural detail.

And then....we ended up with this!!!

And a wonderful deck to sit on!

Mr. Fix It is just awesome!!!


  1. Beautiful! I was just searching for porch railings this morning! I really like the wrought iron ones!

  2. YAY for Mr. Fixit. Great looking deck!
    Hugs :)

  3. I'm glad you told us what the dirt was...looked like a grave for a minute! hahaha Wow, that looks like it didn't take very long! How long did it take? Looks great! I have those iron railings on the steps outside the sunroom..I love them.
    Nice photo of you...he was very respectful not to point the camera in another way!hahahha. Miss Lacie looks darling!

  4. Kimmy...yes I thought it was quite nice he didn't photo my 'good' side!!! He's been on vacation and built it in a couple of weeks.

  5. I love it! The details are great. I could use a Mr Fix It along with my Beverly...things would REALLY look great here.

  6. Mr Fix-it is a keeper for sure! Great deck!

  7. I agree with Joanne, he is a keeper. That is a great little spot for your morning tea or coffee and just to unwind for awhile. Love his extra little touches.

  8. Oh wow! What a great deck! If Mr. Fix It wants to practice his deck building skills a little more, send him here to Illinois!

  9. Yeah he's pretty talented! Guess I will just have to keep him around. I mean he retires in 2 & 1/2 years, would be silly to let him go now! My goodness he built the deck while on his vacation, think of the things I can have him build when he has all that time on his hands!!

  10. What a great deck. You have a treasure in Mr Fix-it. Enjoy. JB

  11. I sure do envy you that Mr. Fix It! He is talented indeed! I love the embellishments around the deck. He built that quickly, it seemed. My husband is a love, but building things is not his forte! Enjoy that deck!

  12. Hi Karen,
    I bet you are out enjoying your morning coffee this morning on that great deck! A man who can build and fix things wins the gold star in my book! Great job with the iron work! Very artistic!
    That little Miss Lacie is sure the cutest!
    Cathy G

  13. Lucky for you Mr.Fix It is such a good carpenter. The deck looks awesome. I use my deck everyday.

  14. Now who get to stain it??


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