Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Busy Week

This first full week back in Arizona has flown by.  Baby brother and his wife left last Sunday and I've been busy ever since settling in and unpacking.  

Of course, folks have figured out I'm back, maybe because of the vehicle in the driveway but whatever!  At any rate, I am back to grooming and boarding this week with a total of three groom jobs and one day boarder!  

Yes, I had to venture into the dog grooming shed where I knew that baby rattler could be hiding.  Thankfully, I've not seen hide nor skin of him since and that's fine with me.   Hoping it was too noisy around here for him and he has slithered on.  Trust me though.....I am VERY cautious and constantly looking around!  

I must say it is very, very nice to have my 'regulars' come back to see me and see them get so excited.  Well.....mostly excited.  Tigger hates grooming and he knew right where he was this morning when his hu'mom dropped him off!  Dogs DO remember things!  

This is Nellie.  She came to board for the day and was SOOOO excited to be here though she's looks pretty relaxed in this photo!  

When she came in the door she wiggled and groaned and carried on to get my attention.  Sure makes me feel good!


  1. I bet all those Arizona doggies were just waiting for you to get back. Nellie looks pretty happy.
    Good news about Mr. Slithers moving on.(fingers crossed)

  2. Good to see you settled in and greeted in the best way! I don't know how you manage the mid-year changes, but I sure do admire you for it!! Hope all settles in soon!!

  3. Karen ~
    I think if I post as anonymous, I may be able to leave a comment :)
    It sounds as if you've gotten a warm welcome back to AZ. Congrats on the grooming and boarding jobs. Go buy some!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Nothing like a dog's love to make you feel good.

    Glad people know you're back...good for business.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. It must be such a comfort to get into a regular routine with dogs that you love! I know I'd be lost without one around. I hope that snake is long gone!


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