Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Hint of Fall

My sister-in-law is like the energizer bunny times five.  She doesn't slow down and when she gets something in her head there's no stopping her.  

She was determined I have a touch of fall out here in the arid Arizona desert.  I acquiesced and bought a pumpkin, to her delight!  However, I told her we couldn't carve it because that would more readily attract the Javelina.  

Photo is of a mom and baby.  I have yet to see a Javelina in person though many residents of our community see them on a fairly regular basis. 

Sister-in-law was not about to be gotten the better of by a giant rodent/pig like animal.  

 That should scare anything off don't you think?



  1. Wow, you do have some things that would scare the **** out of me. When it's not a rattle snake or scorpion, it a wild boar. I never heard it called that name before.You are a brave woman to live in those parts.

    The pumpkin looks great and I hope that it keeps that Javelina away.

    Keep safe Karen. JB

  2. JB....They are not actually wild boar, nor nearly as big. They are in the Peccary family and are more like a cross between a pig and a rat!! They are usually harmless unless you would threaten a mom and baby, though they do run in packs and I wouldn't want to run up against a whole pack. People actually feed them out here!

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't want to run into one of those guys. Creepy looking. Did you find that darn snake yet??

  4. Whatever they are, I don't really want to encounter one!! Hope the fierce Jack scares them away!!

  5. If you don't carve it, you can cook it up and use the puree for recipes!

  6. I'd like to see one or two at a distance. Hadn't thought of cooking up the pumpkin!! It's probably cooking outside anyway since it will be 100 here tomorrow.

  7. Yegads! That looks like something from a Halloween movie. There are actually a lot of really neat things you can do to decorate pumpkins these days, and not all of them involve carving. I'm thinking about doing some artsy pumpkins this year, as a matter of fact!

  8. Thanks Hiking glad to be back! As long as the slithery things stay away!!


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