Monday, October 3, 2011

Season's Change

Hard to believe that summer has passed and tomorrow dad and I will wing our way to Phoenix for the winter.  Another season has come and gone. 

Dad decided to spend some time on the deck and soak up some beautiful fall weather.  Today, the farmer ran beans in the field behind the house and I caught dad looking out across the newly combined acres and reminiscing.  Fall on the farm was always busy for dad and my brothers getting the harvest done but they loved farming. 

After supper I took a walk next to a nearby cornfield.  

The smells and sights of fall where overwhelming to me.  In a flood of memories I was reminded of other fall days.  Days when I couldn't wait to get home from school, saddle up my horse and take off across harvested fields.  Days when I collected brilliantly colored fall leaves and watched fuzzy black and brown caterpillars scurry on their way somewhere.  Days when I collected acorns by the edge of a field and watched as a dust bowl swirled around a combine eating away and collecting the bounty of the summer season just past.  

All too quickly, it was over.  Not just fall.....but that season of my life.   I wonder if dad was ruminating similar memories this afternoon as he observed the field behind our deck that is now devoid of bounty.  

Seasons change.


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year. But, I too, am finding myself reminiscing these days. Safe journey back to Arizona!

  2. I think Fall does that to all of us! It's the time of pulling out comfort food and starting to gather back in the house. It's also the time to enjoy the last golden rays of the outdoors while you still can. I love Fall, but it also makes me a little melancholy, too. I hate being cooped up in the Winter!

  3. Hi Karen, It's sad seeing fall coming on for older folks as their arthritis kicks into high gears and they can't go out as much and soon the snow flies. I'm thinking of soon driving in the snow and so far this fall all we got was rain. I love fall because of the slower pace and beautiful colors and cooler temperatures but so far, I'm not enjoying this misty weather.

    I hope that you have a safe trip to your destination with your dad. JB

  4. Karen,
    I had a friend years ago who suffered from anxiety every fall because of the looming winter months here. I think it's a season that doesn't last very long and maybe that's a good thing for some!
    Your Dad looks like he is deep in thought and enjoying the memories of days gone by!
    Good luck with the transition to AZ and hope all goes smoothly!
    Enjoyed your post!
    Cathy G

  5. Hi karen,
    Fall does seem to be the season that makes us all reminisce. Great to see you Dad sitting out enjoying a beautiful autumn day. Im sure he was thinking how lucky he is to have you in his life.


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