Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Foster Dog Updates

If you remember Pebbles, my last foster dog, she got adopted to a 'furever' home. I don't have a picture of her with her new family but below is the message I got about her adoption.

Miss Pebbles went on her forever home visit and found the perfect family. She has a big pit bull brother named Petey (who was a rescue), 3 cats (all rescues), chickens, a rooster and a goose! At first, Petey & Pebbles weren't sure of each other, but by the end of the time we were there, they were chasing each other and having a blast in her new family's backyard! Her fenced in backyard is over an acre big! She also has a garage area with a doggy door incase she wants to take a break while outside playing. Her parents are a middle-aged couple with two older teenage daughters (one is 15 and one is 17, I believe). 

I miss the little bugger, she was so adorable but I can't be happier that she has a wonderful home!

In other news, I have a new foster out here in Arizona.  A Greyhound.

This is Melissa or, Lissa. 

She is what's known in the Greyhound world as a, 'spook'.  Afraid of EVERYTHING.  We have lots of work to doFortunately, she likes my dad and isn't too afraid of him.  Me on the other hand.....not so fond of me yet!

She has been with another foster mom since January and the thought was perhaps a change in environment could bring her out to the next level.  I am pretty sure it has set her back a bit but not as bad as when she first came off the track.  According to her first foster mom, it took months to get her to come out of her bathroom.  

She didn't eat the first day, but that's not unusual.  She wouldn't take any treats, again, not unusual.  She wouldn't pottie so we had an accident the first two nights but success last night and no accidents.  YAY for baby steps!  And she is now taking treats from me though she still jumps up to run when I enter the room she is in.  I am working on all kinds of fearful dog techniques, have a calming collar on her, and have her wrapped in an ace bandage for comfort.  Am probably going to buy a thundershirt for her too.  

Please don't think she has been abused as several people have asked me.  Unfortunately, some Greyhounds are like this, though thank goodness it is not the norm.  Racing Greyhounds are not socialized like your domestic pets are.  The only thing they know is their life at the track and kennel.  They only have interaction with their trainers and kennel help.  It is a very small world for them until they retire from racing.  Each dog has it's own personality just like humans so each Greyhound reacts differently to 'life outside the track'.

So, I am looking for baby steps and taking it one day at a time with her. 


  1. You are a dear to take in these special dogs and you have such patience with their rehab. Think how lonely she's been. Keep us posted with her progress!

  2. So happy to hear about Pebbles. That's wonderful. Lissa is adorable. My Tom was a spook. But 8 years later he is a goofy boy. Still gets nervous about some things, but he is a different dog now. I can't wait to hear about the progress she will make!

  3. I am so happy to learn that Pebbles has settled in nicely at her new found "furever" home. Can't help but make your heart feel good. You do such a wonderful service for these dogs, and people too, thank you. If anyone can bring Melissa a feeling of security, it is you. I am happy to hear she has warmed up to your dad, sounds like a win, win situation. Blessings from Maine, Julie.

  4. Hi.. Awesome news about Pebbles and his new home..makes ya feel so good when they find there Furever home...

    I love Grayhounds and my heart always aches for them being cheated out of so much while racing.. i know many struggle to become socialized so Miss Lissa is a very luky lady to have found a good foster home where she can work on her people skills and learn to trust and love..

    have a good week!!

    Many Blessings for what you do for the Furbabies in the world!


  5. Karen ~
    HOORAY for Miss Pebbles!!!
    Your new baby looks so sweet. I love the ears in the first picture. I'm sure with your love and patience she will soon adjust. Please keep us updated.
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Lissa is beautiful! I hope you have a lot of fun with her and that she really comes out of her shell. Our second hound was somewhere between extremely shy and spooky. I learned to appreciate the small milestones in life! He'd get over one neuroses to move on to another, and there was no rhyme or reason to it, but I really loved him. He was a great dog just dying to get out!

  7. lindo trabalho... parabens pela atitude

  8. This is a wonderful thing you are doing.

    I had to stop fostering because I wanted to keep every one!


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