Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Don't Think I'm Winning!

It's very slow going with my new foster Greyhound Lissa.  I see teeny tiny improvements each day.  But then other times....not so much.  Like last night.

All she wants to do is lay on her blanket in the middle of the living room and it's not a big room and I don't want dad to fall over her.   Before I went to bed last night, I tried to talk her into moving in the office.  I put her blanket down, fluffed it up and went to bed.  I could hear her pacing in the living room, then the whining started and just as I was about to drop off to sleep, woof woof.  

Now....Greyhounds don't very often bark so I knew when she did, that she had just told me off for trying to mess with her routine.  I lumbered out of bed into the office, retrieved the blanket, returned it to the living room, fluffed it up, put it down and went back to my bed.  I swear I heard a 'harumppfff' out of her as she flopped down on her relocated blankie!  

Foster dog - 1    Me - 0


  1. LOL - ADORABLE. I guess she told
    You are a good foster mom...bless your heart Karen.


  2. Lol, that is too cute. Millie constantly reminds me who is the boss. (it's not me)

  3. Maybe she likes laying there so she can observe everything going on. Although, I completely understand your concern about your dad. I think the shy ones are the most rewarding!

  4. Sorry that you are having these issues with your new recruit. I hope that she settles down soon. JB

  5. I believe you have a future Lilac in the making there! lol Funny how they can be so bossy, isn't it?

  6. At least she's talking to you!! LOL

  7. Dogs can be very persistant, and usually, in my home anyway, get their own way. Am I right Winslow Homer? Have a great day, Julie.

  8. I have often thought of rescuing a greyhound but here, in Arkansas, where they race, the adoption fees are outrageous!

    Thank you for fostering.

  9. She is beautiful! And, it sounds like she has a little bit of personality there. ;-) It's great of you to help her out with her shyness, etc.

  10. Oh yes....Lissa has a definite personality!!

  11. Karen ~
    Great story! I guess you know who's the boss. Thank you for loving her.
    Pug hugs :)


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