Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trim a Tree Time!

No I'm not decorating a tree for Christmas yet, though I've heard it's like 50 some days away!!  Yee Gads!  

But I was busy today trimming the trees in the back yard.

Those two trees at the back left hand side of the photo were my victims.

These trees are quite messy and grow very quickly.  Seems I've made an even bigger mess though.  

And tomorrow.....I get to clean it all up and haul it off!!   Yipee, lucky me!


  1. I have some trimming that needs to be done. Wanna come help?
    Hugs :)

  2. Oh why is it when we try to make things NEAT AND PRETTY...that we have to MAKE A BIG MESS TO GET IT THAT WAY...something doesn't seem right with that does it.


  3. I am so glad that's not at my house! May the clean up be quick and easy!

  4. Karen,
    I really thought you were trimming a Christmas tree! LOL! I see Christmas lights up around town already here! I know people are thinking it's a lot easier to do it now than wait until it's snowing and blowing!
    Hope you got your mess cleaned up and all is looking spiffy!!
    Cathy G

  5. Hi karen, I trim my big trees each spring too and I keep the twigs and dry them for kindling to light the wood stove when it gets cold. I always thought that it was a man's job to trim trees but I guess that you and I have something in common, lol. JB


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