Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bella the Visitor

In Arizona I am busy all winter grooming and boarding dogs but not in the summer in Indiana.

Normally I return to Indiana and mow grass for a living but that changed last summer when dad had to live with me full-time.  I had to give up the lawn business to Mr. Fix-it and so this is my second summer without income. 

Now that dad has purchased a home in a subdivision I have met a few dogs (oh and neighbors too!) , and a few folks have heard about my winter job.  Now....I don't want to start grooming here, at least not this summer.  For one thing, I'm not set up to groom.  The only place I can groom is the garage and it's not insulated or cooled so maybe by next summer I could work toward that.  The other thing is, in Arizona, my customers are snowbirds like me.  They are not looking for a full-time groomer.  Here in Indiana, I don't want to set myself up to groom and only be available to people for four to six months.

I do admit though I am having 'fur withdrawals' this summer since I'm not living at home where Mr. Fix-it and I have two (very senior) dogs.  I can't bring them here, they are too old and it would probably upset them.  I have been looking for a dog to foster but the Greyhound group I contacted wanted someone who was going to be in town longer than me.  

So, when one of my new neighbors asked me to keep their dog overnight, I jumped at the chance.

This is Bella.  I wrote about her a couple of post's back.  She's an English Bulldog.  Dad and I had a great time with her.  She was a great boarder, very polite and neat and a personality too.

We played tug of war and I wore her out.  For a little thing, she is a powerhouse and all muscle.  She snores though!!!   

She's coming to stay with me again this weekend.  I wonder if they make 'Breathe Right' strips for dogs!?!?!?


  1. Oh Karen,
    Bella is so darn cute! She has found a good babysitter! I sure wished you lived closer I'd hire you in a heartbeat to babysit Smokey and Max! Giving insulin shots is a problem for some people so it's hard to find someone to watch them. So we just stay home or take them with!
    Have fun with Bella and I'm sure if the word got out you'd find lots of people wanting a dog sitter!
    Cathy G

  2. Thanks Cathy, I wish I were closer, would love to keep them for you. Not to mention I'd love to 'hook' together sometime!!! I bet we could get into all kinds of trouble!!

  3. That might be a good "summer" job for you! We have house guests here every now and then. I think it might be kind of like grandkids, spoil them and then send them home!

  4. Bella is such a dear. I have babysitter problems with Gus. He's too old to leave with anyone. So, I really don't think of vacationing without him. Lucky we are staycationing at the new home. He thinks he's at camp and is a very happy camper!

  5. Karen ~
    I LOVE English bulldogs!!! Bella, is well, bella.
    How is your greyhound doing?
    Hugs :)

  6. Lauren...was thinking about fostering a bully or a pug. HiLite is holding her own. The infection on her back has cleared but she has to be on prednisone daily or the disc in her back hurts and she stops eating and walking.
    Courtney...too bad I'm not nearby, would love to look after Gus!

  7. To my fellow 'Hoosier' at the Mad Red Hare....one of the nice things about it is that you do get to spoil them and then send them home!!!

  8. I have a friend who makes pretty good money pet sitting. You could pet sit or walk dogs for some extra income, enjoy your fix of fur and still be around most of the time for your dad. It might be a great solution for you!

  9. Karen, I'm glad that you got to have Bella for company. Hope that you get to babysit her often. JB

  10. What a wonderful dog, Bella is a beauty. Hope you and your dad are well and enjoying the summer, my but is going by fast! Sending greeting from Maine, Julie.

  11. Bella is lovely...even if she snores! ;0)
    Oh, and I couldn't believe that little bunny let me pet him either..so precious! You're right...he didn't look like a wild bunny..he was so sweet!
    Have a great day

  12. Hi Karen...what a sweet face on Bella and I love her name too.
    Gosh you are in a tizzy about what to do...have Faith and it will all work out. Keep on your own path!

  13. Of course I love her name.(I have a Bella too) Good luck with working out your grooming decisions.

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  15. Hello Pet Sitting McKinney! Thanks for the positive comments on my posts. Love having new readers and hope to hear from you again!


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