Friday, July 29, 2011

Where O Where....

have I been lately!?!?  

Besides having a miserable sinus infection, I am mostly trying to adapt to living in a suburb.  It's not enough to say I miss living in the country, because I REALLY miss the country.  The smells, the views, the crops, the animals, the wildlife, the privacy and so forth. 

Don't get me wrong, I like it here.  This house is new and has tons of storage and I even have an extra room for my crafts.  The neighbors I have met are nice too.  It's just different.  And you might be saying to yourself, yeah but she lives in a neighborhood all winter and that's true, but I was always able to balance that by coming home to the country for the summer.  That was until dad had to come live with me and and wanted to be closer to rest of the family while he is home for the summer.  

So now I am left to fool myself.  In the evenings, Mr. Fix-it and I sit outside  and face the lawn chairs away from the other homes so we can look at a nearby woods.  Note, that field will be filled with houses someday but not to soon I hope!

Anyway, maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem like I have anything interesting to write about here.  There's always something going on in the country you know and I'm missing it all!

So what have I been doing?  Usually I'm taking dad to various doctor appointments and have even been going to physical therapy for my ankle that I broke last winter.  I have made a few dog collars and yesterday I finished a new project that I'm hoping will take off because I have ideas for more!

Here it is..............

I love it!  It's an overnight doggie bag for your pooch. 

I came up with the idea last winter.  I have lots of dogs that come to board with me and some have their possessions in a bag but many just bring stuff and hand it to me.  So, that's when I thought, 'Doggie bag'. How funny is that!

I just listed it in my Etsy store

Hopefully someone will like my idea as well. 

I have also been lucky enough to have my faux granddaughter for a visit so I can't not show off a picture of her!

She's just so dang cute!


  1. I think its an awesome idea. I'm off to look at it on the etsy shop.

  2. Your doggie bag is a cute idea! Sorry you are missing the country - change is hard when you get into routines and know what you want. Hope things get better for you!

  3. Wonderful idea on the bag. I make a similar item I call a T3...train, treat, tote. Has the treats handy, leaves your hands free, and is made from recycled jeans.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on. A play room of your own, now that is nice. That is the best thing I have...if I want to leave a project in the middle, I can, and come back later.

  4. Love that doggie bag. Cute, but not as cute as that little blond. She is adorable in her little animal print shorts :)
    I'm sure it is hard to adjust with so many moves lately. Hang in there.

  5. What a great idea! how creative are you! Remember the country will be there waiting for your return. Hope your ankle is improving, greetings from Maine, Julie.

  6. Karen ~
    So good to hear from you, even if you think you don't have anything to say. We still like to hear from you!
    Your faux granddaughter is too precious. She has to bring a smile to your face!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Thanks gals!! It's nice to know you all have not forgotten me!

  8. Sounds like you need a field trip to the country! Change is mighty hard,isn't it?

    I love stopping by your blog for a visit! You always have something to share!

    Love the new bags...a great idea. And that little grandbaby...faux, or the cutest!

    I hope you can get a little country fix soon!

  9. Gosh it must be a shock having such a big change but really it does sound like you are doing quite well with adapting...and it will get easier and you are sweet daughter to comply with dads needs and wishes.

    What a darling faux granddaughter! Precious


  10. I think it would be really hard to move from the country. I've lived in Flagstaff for 20 years, but I've never actually lived in town. I hope things start to pick up for you.

  11. I really like the doggie bag! That is just unbelievably cute!

    I'm sorry about being stuck in town. Would it be possible to maybe put up some privacy fence around the back yard and plant some things that would make it feel like more of an outdoor private space?

  12. We are in the process of building a deck in the backyard (which is a tiny yard!) and will indeed have more privacy back there when it's done.

    I do need a country fix and need to figure out some time that I can get away and go 'home'!

    So glad everyone likes the doggie bag! Can't wait to make more, I have some ideas I want to try with them. Hope they sell, but seems like not much is moving on Etsy OR Ebay right now. All those cute collars I've made and not one sale online :-( I need to find a craft show somewhere but then, I wouldn't be able to leave dad. OH well, I'm having fun making them and guess what G
    reyhound friends, I just got in the hardware I need to make GH martingales!! Woo hoo, fun!!!

  13. Love the doggy bag. I had my mother in law sew me something similar, it is a small bag on a long strap like that, and I carry it over my shoulder when we go on walks, and use it to store filled poo bags I just hate walking around the neighborhood with those see through poo bags!)

  14. Hi Peggy, glad you like the bag and I love your poo bag idea too! Thanks for reading my blog!
    Please come back.

  15. I wouldn't get to see Mr. Fix it and Lacie if it weren't for your blog, dear one!


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