Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hugs and Kisses

Today was a big day for Miss Pebbles!  She got to spend the afternoon at University Park in Indianapolis at a 'Carni-bull' a fun-fest for Bully lovers! 

She wasn't just hanging around though, she was working.  Yep that's right, this 10 week-old puppy doll was busy manning the 'Kissing Booth'!!!!

I didn't get to go, had to stay home with my dad, but it looks to me that she is having a blast.  I'm absolutely certain she was the star of the show!

She must have been because she came home one tired pup!!


  1. A doggie kissing booth?? Very cute abnd creative idea. What's better than puppy kisses!

  2. Cute! I bet she gives great kisses!
    Happy Sunday :)

  3. Super Cute! Someone will probably fall in love with her for sure!!!

  4. She is absolutely adorable! I wouldn't have been able to resist picking her up and putting her in my pocket!

  5. She gives great kisses but also sometimes bites your nose!! I had a long talk with her before she went and told her NO biting noses! And she didn't!

  6. So young to be in the kissing booth... JB


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