Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time's A Flyin'!

In less than two weeks, dad and I will land in Phoenix for the winter season.  I do not know where the summer went.  We've been home for four months and it seems as if we've only been here for a few weeks.  

Tuesday night some of my family got together to see us before we leave.  We went to a really out of the way, but well known and historic eating establishment where my nephew works as a sous chef. 

 Located in the tiny rural burg of Perkinsville, IN, Bonge's has been around since 1934. Actually, it was built in 1837 as a Hardware store and became a Restaurant in '34!  

It's the tiniest eatery I think I've ever been too, with maybe only 12 tables.  Most nights, people are tailgating in the parking lot waiting to get a table.  Apparently, diners enjoy the parking lot party almost as much as the wonderful upscale food served inside.  Folks, this is NOT a hamburger joint!!  The menu can offer such delicacies as Quail, Salmon and Duck.

Here we are after an incredible meal prepared by my nephew Colin, seated on the left.  Next to him is my brother Kurt, my two beautiful nieces, Kaitlin and Elise, then dad.  Standing behind dad is my brother Kevin, me, my daughter Kathryn and my sister-in-law Genan.   Thank you Genan for putting this wonderful evening together!!

I can't believe it is almost time to head back to Arizona.  If only Indiana didn't have winters.    I'm already missing my wonderful family!


  1. Can't believe summer is gone either! I hate winter too!

  2. What a beautiful family you have Karen! Your special night at that fine establishment sounded wonderful!
    How can it be that time already for you and your Dad to head back to AZ?!! I think you just got settled in Ind.??
    Well, the frost has been on the pumpkin here already and they are talking early winter..... snowbirds must prepare!!
    Cathy G

  3. I just love the family photo. What a great looking group you make! I can't believe you're heading back so soon either. It seems like you just got settled in the new house. I hope you have a smooth transition. I envy you the warmer weather where you'll be heading! Have a super weekend!

  4. Karen ~
    I am sitting here scratching my head wondering how it could possibly be fall and time for you to head to Arizona.
    Beautiful family! I, too, have a niece Elise! Did you take a good look at Kaitlin's
    Pug hugs :)

  5. You dear girl are most blessed with a beautiful family. The photos are great and truly tell the story.

    Yep, I'm with ya all the way...where the heck did my summer go???

    God bless ya and have a terrific day from the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!


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