Sunday, September 18, 2011

Remind Me Never go to the grocery on a Saturday morning.  I don't know what I was thinking, I truly had a brain fade by going as I knew better!!

You see, I have personal space issues.  I've written about it before here,

And I openly admit my idiosyncrasy regarding people in my personal space.   Most times I just deal with it but this trip to the grocery pushed me over my limit!  

It should have been my first clue as I headed into the store and the local senior citizen bus was parked at the door.  "No matter",  I thought, "I can handle it."  NOT!

I headed over to the pre-packaged lettuce and it was as if there was a fire sale going on there!  I mean, people were swarming like bees!!  "Calm, remain calm",  I said.  "You can do this".   As I patiently waited my turn at the back of the aisle, I waited beside one of those carts they bring all the produce out to re-stock shelves.  Of course, it was stacked higher than my head.  All was good until the cart moved and ran into me, nearly knocking me down!  WHAT! 
The stock boy peeped around to see what had impeded his process as I was staring at him with the most incredulous look ever!  He apologized profusely but still....!

From there I made my way to the deli which was also teaming with customers.  I was able to stand in the front next to a gentleman to wait my turn.  All was good there until a little old lady, no doubt from the senior citizen bus parked out front, wheeled up with her shopping cart behind me.  Now....I know this doesn't sound like much, but she blocked me in with her cart and with LITTLE room for me to move.  Why, why, why do you stroll up to a busy counter like that and try to force in your grocery cart?  If that wasn't enough, the front of her cart was so close to the behind of the man beside me that I thought she was trying to take him for a ride!  I must have glanced at her 4 or 5 times trying to let her politely know that she was in my personal space and it was starting to get to me, but amazingly, she just smiled.  Finally, I said to the man standing next to me who was almost finished with his order,  "Don't step back sir or your going to fall over the cart behind you".  I mean it was inches from his derriere!!  And still.....pushy senior citizen didn't get it, only laughed and wouldn't move her cart!!!  

That was personal space alarm bells were going off all over the place.  I had to get out and quick before I had a melt down, however, I must have gotten behind every slow shopper in the place trying to get to the checkout.  They were EVERYWHERE!!!  

As if all that wasn't enough, a mother and child got in line to check out behind me and she was pushing one of those stupid carts that look like cars the kids can drive.  Well mom's I hate to tell you, but your driving perceptions must be off because those things are longer than regular carts and when you bump the person in front of you, you are tempting an explosion!  It was all I could do not to lose it.  

Ok, so please remind me the next time I think I can handle ANY shopping on a Saturday.................................................DON'T DO IT!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh I can so identify. I dread, and I mean dread going to the grocery. I hate it. I would pay someone to do it for me. The whole time I'm in the grocery and I go to a small one cause I can't stand being in a big one, I am saying to myself...'Get me outta here, get me outta here" Literally. People must think I am daft and I can't stand it if some one is behind me while I am trying to choose something. They make me feel rushed and then I might choose the wrong item. Plus I feel they are gonna hit my ankle with their cart. Is it our age?

  2. I go to the store during off times on purpose. yesterday, we stopped to pick up some dog treats to donate to our Greyhound adoption group for the reunion. A woman was in the store with a little girl who was about four and the child pitched a hellacious fit. A man finally walked over and told the woman that if she didn't take the child to the car or bathroom to deal with the problem, then he would. Other people began to get hostile, too. The child is kicking and screaming in the cart. Finally, the woman gets the girl out of the cart and carries her out. The whole front of the store applauded!

  3. Karen, I can so relate to you. I HATE crowds and avoid them as much as possible. I avoid shopping at busy time but thankfully we belong to a large Co-op and they have great specials every week that last all week and I have no problem.

    I hope that you got your composure back. I would hate to see you in a state like that picture. ha,ha JB

  4. it's not our age, I've been this way for a VERY long time!!

  5. Houndstooth....I have thought of doing it but would never go that far but I WOULD be applauding!!

  6. took me a while to get composure and the headache that went with it!!!

  7. OMG you sound just like me. I used to go get the groceries on Saturday's but it just put me "in a mood". Friday evenings are much better.
    I used to be scared I might go "all Charlie Sheen" some Saturday afternoon! Lol

  8. LOL! I hate shopping during the busy times. I always try not to, but sometimes it just ends up that way. Thanks for all your nice comments, they really help.

  9. Oh Karen, it's not funny I know...but you had me giggling.
    I NEVER GROCERY SHOP ON SATURDAY''s like setting yourself up and I too can not stand people in my space and the older I get the worse it is.
    Wouldn't you just love to say something sometime...but I guess if that's how they are no words will make a difference and you have just exhausted your nerves.
    But hopefully you got your groceries!


  10. I don't do saturday shopping anywhere, just too many people, I like to be alone when I shop, so when I shop I either shop early or late, hubby and I go grocery shopping at 9 pm. monday night after we finish our cleaning jobs, I have a cleaning business, no one hardly in the place. Made the mistake on going one wednesday morning, senior citizen day, no not quite there yet, like a few years, I want be going back on wednesdays they were coming out of the woodwork, yes love my personal space, have to think when I shop. Glad I am not the only one, and whats this when women take their hubby's and all their children with them when they grocery shop don't they know that's you spend more money that way not to mention losing your mind. Thanks for sharing I got a chuckle out of it. Vicky


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