Monday, September 19, 2011

A Stitch in Time

Still busy at the sewing machine!

Cranked out three martingale collars yesterday.

These will fit Greyhounds with a 16 or 17 inch neck.

Martingales are awesome collars for dogs whose necks are bigger than or same size as their heads.  This type of collar doesn't have snap/buckles, only slides and will not slip off over the dogs head when pulling. 

Have several more designs planned!  



  1. Your dog collars are very intriguing even though I don't own a dog any more. They are really lovely. JB

  2. I need to get with you on these....we have a hound dog that can't keep a collar on. I'll have my son measure his neck and I'll FB you to see if you can make one for us.

  3. I love these collars. I think I need to measure my dogs neck. I'm wondering if these would be a better fit.

  4. You've got some really pretty ones turning out! :)


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