Sunday, August 22, 2010


Found em'! 

Right where I should have looked in the first place.

On the back porch eating.
(OOOPs. Wonder who encouraged that!)

Oh....and on the front porch.....eating!

And on the roof....guarding!

And in the jeep.....wanting to go for a ride!

And at the front door.....waiting for it to open! the back door....coming IN the house!!

Ok, so I'm guessing you have noticed that not ONE of these pictures show the cats at, in, around or near the barn.   And did I mention these are supposed to be wild, feral cats? seems I have failed as a feral cat owner!!!

Stay tuned.  
Coming up on one interviews with the failed feral cats at FenceRow Farms.


  1. Ah, so you have some of those "barn" cats too. Good luck with that ;-).

  2. Uh you can see, I've not done very well with that!!! Oh well.

  3. What a great post! That first photo is remarkable. The light between the cats is awesome. Cute kitties. They don't look feral to me...but I've never seen a feral cat before.

  4. Well because I have spoiled them, they are only semi-feral now! They still and hide from people they don't know.


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