Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Silly brothers!!!   They are usually never far apart.

 (Evil Kitty, The Boy Named Sue and Sheridan)

They really don't look too wild anymore do they!

Meet Evil Kitty

When I was only a few weeks old, our mom brought us to live under the back porch of the alien's home.  She didn't trust these aliens and would rarely let them close to her but for some reason she thought we needed to live under that porch.  One day, one of these aliens picked me up.  I was so small I barely fit in the palm of his hand.  He scared me so much!  And boy did I ever let him have it!  I drew blood and everything!  
For some reason, after that happened, these aliens kept calling me 'Evil Kitty'.  I'm not mean though.  I am gentle and sweet and I learned that the aliens were really called 'humans' and they fed us and took good care of us.  
I LOVE my humans!


Meet The Boy Named 'Sue'

They call me Sue.
When I was little, two humans were going to adopt me.  They planned to name me Sue because they like Johnny Cash, whoever he is!  So the house humans started calling me Sue to get me used to the idea before those 'other ones' adopted me.  
I was sooooo glad when the adoption fell through!  I didn't want to leave my family here at the farm and go to some big scary city.  I was so happy that I didn't care that the farm humans kept calling me 'Sue' anyway!  I love being here.  Sometimes I go off on adventures for a few days with my cousin or my sister.  My human mom doesn't like me to do it but I have promised her I will be careful.  


Meet Sheridan

 Hey dudes.  
I'm the cool one and the most handsome.  Our human mom tells my brothers they are handsome too but I know she is just being nice to them!  
I'm a bit of a daredevil too.  I like to climb trees and stuff.  Why.....the other day, I was on the roof of the porch and I just jumped off!  It was cool!  
My human won't tell me how I got my name.  Something about my eyes being too close and a bit cross-eyed when I was a baby.  She said it was a human thing and not really very nice.  But you can see, I've outgrown all that and I am handsome, handsome, handsome!


So those are the brothers three! 

Enjoy a few more pictures of them.

Sue and Sheridan

Sheridan being a cool hood ornament

Evil resting on the chaise

Coming next we will meet 'the girls'!


  1. Sheridan really does look like he thinks he's the most handsome. :)

  2. Yes he really thinks he's got it goin on!!!


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