Monday, January 3, 2011

Do Over, Do Over!

So day two of 2011 and I'm already wanting a 2011 do over.  I mean, how much trouble would it be to go back to New Years Eve and start over?  We're only into this two whole days right?   Yeah ok, so that's not going to work but it was a good thought!

It's really nothing big or earth shattering, just little stuff.  All day on the very first day of 2011, I had the dropsy's.  Like at supper time for instance, I was getting out the margarine tub to put on the table and it was as if my fingers never touched it as it slammed to the floor.  Of course, dad in his usual form, sat there laughing at me.   And..... then there was this.  Earlier in the day I was trying to put a leash on one of my boarders to go outside for a bathroom break.  This dog, a Chihuahua/Jack Russel Terrier mix has springs for back legs and just as I bent over to reach for his collar, boing....he jumped up to meet me placing his cold wet nose directly in my eye.  Again, dad laughs!

So I'm thinking today, day two, will be better right.  Just a bit of a fluke the day before I'm sure of it.  Oh no, not so much!  I have two great friends out here and they decided we should all go this morning to Mesa Market, or as I have always called it, Park N Swap.  It's like a flea market with new stuff.  Yay for me, dad was going to take his morning nap and I get to go out with the girls!  

Somehow, I ended up designated driver.  No problemEnroute to our big shopping spree I see a bird fly up from the side of the road heading for the car but appeared it would fly over.  NOPE!  It smashed right into the windshield.  Thunk.  Myself and the front seat passenger get to view it's beautiful yellow underbody as it hit.  It was a cactus wren. The car was instantly quiet for a moment.  Then Jan, the front seat passenger says, well that bird picked the wrong car to hit.  She knows what an animal lover I am and that I was going to feel bad, which I did.  Of course, it couldn't have been just a common sparrow committing suicide on my windshield, it had to be a pretty desert bird. Not that I wouldn't have felt bad if it had been a sparrow but they are so over abundant as opposed to the cactus wren.  I just might have not felt quite as bad!  

Ok, so this is how day two is starting off........hmmm!  Fortunately, no incidents at the flea market.  And, when we were done, there was still time for us to have a bite of lunch before I had to be home to take care of dad.  Great! incidents at lunch, this is good, luck is changing.  

Heading home we were all talking, laughing as I pulled up to a light and turned.  Shouldn't have been a problem but I managed not to notice that the  light for the turn lane was red.  Don't worry, no accident, but boy did the gals have a good time with me for running that light!  Not sure I will hear the end of it about the day that I hit a bird and tried to get my friends smashed too!  

Judy (in red) and Jan BEFORE I ran the red light!

Next time, I'm going to let one of them drive.  And if anyone has figured out how to get a 'do over'.......let me know!


  1. Karen, oh the bird thing! I know it's silly but that probably woulda ruined my day. Man I can't shake that kind of stuff. Good for you for moving on and enjoying your day. At least you got it in perspective and had two good friends to keep you laughing. Love their smiles! If you figure out the "do over" thing, let me know. I have a few deals I'd like a "do over" on!

  2. Omg, what an adventure! Today you should stay in and keep away from sharp objects. Lol

  3. Oh Karen, I had to laugh at Kim's comment. I do hope your day goes smoother today. Thanks for entertaining us with your story of mishaps.
    Take care and have a good day. JB

  4. Hi Karen,
    I see whatever it is that's going around is going around in AZ too! Love Kim's advice and add to that utility poles and lovely birds!

    The day out with friends ( they are so beautiful ) sounded divine!
    Hope you can find time to sneak away more often! It's what the Dr's are saying is the best medicine!
    From Freezing WI,
    Cathy G

  5. Maybe all the bad luck will happen the first few days, and the rest of your year will sail smoothly? If only it were that simple...

  6. Got that outta the way, so the rest of the year will be great.

  7. You had the three things happen so it's over!
    Happy New Year...I haven't figured out how to do the do over yet!


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