Thursday, January 27, 2011

Longhorn Cattle and a Bike Ride

I squeezed in a few minutes for a bike ride yesterday.  I needed it after grooming two dogs, looking after dad, laundry, yard work and cleaning up my grooming room.  

The wind in my hair and the bright blue sky was revitalizing.  And then.....I spied them.   Hidden among the scrub bush and cactus in the desert behind the 'back forty' where I ride.....were a couple of cows.  Longhorns to be exact! 

I'm sure some would say I'm crazy to get excited enough to get off my bike and take pictures, but that's me, and I did!

We don't have many longhorns back in Indiana so it was fun to see them.  Hearing them call to one another reminded me of the country living at home that I miss while I spend the winter here in Arizona with my dad.  Oh sure, our community does back up to the desert and the wild and sprawling Superstition Mountains are just across the street.  And we do have Coyotes, Javelina's, Bobcat's and so forth and true, this is a rural area compared to Phoenix proper, but I do have neighbors.  The houses are pretty close here.  

Anyway, I love it when I come across nature, wildlife and animals that are native to an area I am in.  Especially when I can be reminded of my rural roots!

Have a great day!



  1. I know what you mean. I am still such a kid--anytime we pass livestock on a trip I say “look at the cows”, “look at the goats”--I get excited. It just a great, happy feeling. Enjoy good weather and if you get a chance, come by and visit us at Verde Farm sometime. I can help you get your farm animal fix :)
    Hugs, Amy

  2. Glad you enjoyed the bike ride. It would be great for clearing your head. And I would have probably stopped to take a photo of them also.
    Kim :)

  3. Karen ~
    So glad you are getting your blogging mojo back. I always enjoy stopping by :)
    What's on the frame these days?
    Send some of the warm weather north, PLEASE!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hi Lauren! Will be posting soon about what's
    on the frame'! Watch for it, but I still have to admit that I'm in the wrong season!! Oh well.
    And to all my blogging friends, I am trying to send the warmth back there, but just can't get it to work!

  5. Wow, that really looks just like I expect Arizona to look like..just like the movies.

  6. Kim R....that's why I like it so much here. I would hate living near Phoenix proper where you can barely see the mountains!! Woke up the other night to coyotes that sounded like they were right in the backyard!! And these are teeny yards too!


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