Monday, January 17, 2011

Uninspired Still

Still not finding my writing mojo.  Not sure what the problem is, except maybe, it's because all seems pretty quiet at the moment.  I don't have anything major, different or unusual going on.  Same ole same ole, looking after dad, grooming dogs......that kind of stuff. 

Today, after finishing up my grooming job, I did manage to talk myself into going for a bike ride.  I've not made any New Years resolutions, but I am trying to eat less and exercise more.  

Here in our community, there is an area that everyone calls 'the back forty'.  It's the third and as yet, undeveloped phase of Montesa.  Lots of people use it to walk, ride bikes and exercise dogs.  I like riding around it because there is little vehicle traffic and I know that from my door, to the back forty and home, is exactly a mile.  The best part are the views.  Thought I would share them with you.

 We also have RV storage in the 'back forty but that doesn't deter from the Mountain view
 you've seen the views on my bike ride.  And you didn't even have to work up a sweat to do it!!!


  1. Karen ~
    No blogging mojo, but what about hookin' mojo? Been doing any?
    The view of the mountain is beautiful. The only thing we see in northern Ohio is "flat"!
    Hugs to you and Dad :)

  2. Those RV's look pretty inviting! My dream is to get the heck out of this frigid weather some winter. Will probably have to wait until Dave retires.
    A bike ride...... sigh........ we do have an exercise bike in the basement but I wouldn't be looking at a cactus!
    Thanks for sharing your ride! Keep riding and soon your hooking and writing mojo will return!
    Cathy G

  3. It's just nice to see scenery without snow! Maybe you just have a bad case of the January Blahs? I always feel better once this month is history.

  4. hi karen! i just joined your blog. thank you so much for your comment about my kitties. i am looking forward in your posts especially about your greyhounds you have rescued. i think that is wonderful. i wasn't raised on a farm but mom was. my ancestors were all dairy farmers in vermont. take care and i like your bike ride views. so different compared to what we see!

  5. Thanks for the bike tour. Your right I could actually drink a glass of wine while I was touring.

  6. I know what you mean. I haven't posted anything since jan 3rd. I just don't know what to talk about. I hope I can come up with something soon. Good luck to you also. Lisa

  7. Just found you on Farm Tails. I think we are all struggling right now. I’ve heard several folks say that. It’s a tough time of year. The holidays were so full of posts and then the brown, grey, gloom of winter sets in and it’s hard to get inspired to take good pics and such. I love your background-so festive and it made me smile. :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  8. sooo pretty and what I would give to bike. I shoveled for excersie today ugh
    Thanks for the visit

  9. Just when you think your life is blase' I come along (and others too) who wish we had a leisurely schedule like yours! You may think your life is so blase' that there's nothing to write about but there are plenty of people who would love to trade places (destinations) with you for just one day (or more)! I would love to have time to ride my bike and to see what Arizona is like!

  10. Good Morning Karen! Just stopped by to say Hi. I like the views from your bike, reminds me of El Paso. We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground, it's 10 degrees and 3 to 5 inches of snow is coming Saturday. So your view looks exceptionally good to me. My blogging mojo is still lost somewhere too!


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