Friday, March 11, 2011

Dottie and Mr. Fix-it

Hi everyone, Dottie here!  Thought I'd sneak in a minute and get on mom's blog.

I have company!!   Mom's 'friend', (she calls him Mr. Fix-it) came back in town to see me.  Mom said he came to see her but I know he missed me and wanted to come back just for me! can tell by the way he hugs me how much he loves me!!  And mom said it is really unusual for him to come to visit twice in the winter so I know it was for me!  Mom tried to tell me it was because he found a really cheap flight and that he misses mom but I really don't think so! 

It's me.....all about me!!!


  1. This post was too cute! Have a great weekend and enjoy your company.

  2. Awww, great post. What a nice treat for both mom and Dottie.

  3. Dottie ~
    I think you are so right. I am sure he came to see you, but I bet he was glad to see your mommy, too.
    Give him a big ole pug hug from Peanut!

  4. Oh, wonderful! Surprise visits are the best! Have fun, Dottie, but share the company with Mommy too!


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