Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Horse Wear!

Thought I would post a couple of pictures of horse gear from 'back in the day' on display at the Superstition Mountain Museum.  Enjoy!

 Military saddle used in the War of 1812

Mexican saddle, age unknown

 Pack saddle, not for riding (thank goodness!).   This type of saddle was used on a second horse or mule that was pulled along behind the horse being ridden.  Supplies and sundries would be loaded and tied onto it.  

  Though not riding bridles, these particular headstalls, yokes and reins were used on horses and mules that pulled wagons and buggies. 

Like this one for instance.  Ranchers would drive the wagon to town to fill up on goods from the local mercantile. 

Can you imagine having to drive a horse and wagon to town to do your shopping?!?!?  What a job just to get ready to go....not like jumping in a car and turning the key!  I certainly wouldn't go to town every day like I do now if I had to hook up a wagon and team of horses!


  1. Oh, the good old days... Nice pictures and lots of history. JB

  2. I don't know...that old cabin fever can inspire one to do all sorts of things! LOL
    Cool pics and info!


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