Monday, March 14, 2011

Remind Me?

This is why I love Arizona

And this....


And even this.....

I am not fond of the rather large scorpion found on my living room wall.

Nor do I care for the rattlesnakes that are coming out of dormancy right now.

I guess that is the trade off I make for not having to live in the snow covered and frigid midwest during the winter.


  1. Yeah...I'm not a big fan of snakes! I remember having to be aware of rattlesnakes when I lived in CA as a child. Now, I see the occasional garter snake and still jump! Beautiful pictures.
    Take care,

  2. Snakes, okay...not scorpians!!!

  3. Hmmmm, I think I would prefer the snow. Scorpions and snakes......I couldn't handle it. I can barely deal with small spiders.

  4. Great pics - couldn't handle the snakes though!

  5. I'm with Kim. I prefer the snow to scorpions and rattlesnakes. I don't mind pictures of scorpions and rattlesnakes. Heck, I even bought a scorpion encased in resin for my bug and animal crazy granddaughter last year.

    Nice pictures.

    We complain a lot about snow because we have all become wimps as we grow older but ask a young kid and they love the snow. JB

  6. Karen ~
    If this is your second comment from me ~ sorry. Blogger, or maybe it's my computer, is not cooperating!
    LOVE the pics. Thanks for sharing.
    What's on the frame? Or too busy with Mr. Fix It?
    Hugs :)


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