Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dottie on Rug Hooking

Dottie at the keyboard.  Mom says she is trying to get something called a Migraine so she said it was ok if I got on her blog!

Mom's been awfully busy lately with lots of dogs coming and going.  Some for grooming, some for day board and some for long-term boarding like my friend George.

George is adopted like I hope to be one day.  His forever parents went on a two-week cruise to Hawaii.  George misses them and is anxious for them to come home.  I heard mom say they will be back in six days so I told George and he was happy!

I am feeling so much better since my bad teeth got pulled.  Mom says I still need to work a little bit harder on my house training issues so I can have full run of the house.   

This is my favorite's bed.  She wanted me to get up so she could make it but I asked if I could stay in bed just a little longer and she let me!

Now that I have settled in a bit more, mom has been working on her rug hooking again.  

 She finished this one last night and I heard her say all she has to do is bind the edges.

 I think it looks like a nice comfy thing to cuddle up on don't you!   

But mom said no!

She hardly ever says no to me!!

What's up with that!?

I'm going to snuggle with mom in bed.
Dottie out! 



  1. Dottie, you are so cute. I'm glad you are showing George the ropes. Tell Mommy her rug is lovely. Maybe she will make you your own someday!

  2. Dottie,
    Tell Mommy that I like her rug very much. My dog Gus says he can sympathize with your teeth issues...he has to take a yucky pill for it...but at least it's in cheese!

  3. Oh Dottie,
    You tell your Mom her rug is beautiful! I love the border and the wonderful colors! Sounds like you are having fun with all the other dogs there coming and going! Your Mom needs to take it a little easy once in a while! Get her to take more naps with you!
    Cathy G

  4. Glad your feeling better. Moms rug is gorgeous.

  5. Dottie ~
    Good to hear from you. Tell mom her rug is wonderful! Maybe if you do better with your house training, she will let you lay on it once in a while. Don't worry, some day you will get adopted, too. You are very cute.
    Pug hugs :)
    Lauren & Peanut

  6. Thanks to people like your mom, little furry people like you have a safe haven to go to in the mean time. Waiting is no fun for any body.... I'm sorry about your bad tooth but I'm glad that it doesn't hurt any more. You're a brave doggie... Tell mom that she is also good at hooking beautiful rugs. JB

  7. love your rug! now dottie, stay off that beautiful creation! tell mom i hope she doesn't get a migrane! yuck....and give little george a nice hug, he is very cute!

  8. Oh Dottie you are such a beautiful gal, your foster mom takes such good care of you. I do hope she is feeling well soon, headaches are just no fun. Mom's hooked rug is lovely, beautiful design and colors.


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