Monday, February 28, 2011

The Artist's Studio

I got a bit side-tracked yesterday with the snow on the Mountains, as it's an unusual event.  However, I wanted to continue sharing my visit to The Farm at South Mountain, near downtown Phoenix.  
The Farm at South Mountain, cont.
After a tranquil lunch beneath the Pecan trees, a stroll around the grounds took us to, 'The Cottage' at the back of the 12 acre property.  The Cottage is a quaint little environ that features handmade gifts and artwork by local artisans.  For sale of course! 

Mosaic doorstops

I love this unusual yard art!

Not only was the 'art' kitschy and different but so were the architectural features surrounding the cottage itself.

Iron work gate and wooden trellis fence.

Unique entrance to The Cottage

Rustic iron work laid in the middle of an old wooden panel.

The Artists Studio at The Cottage also offers art and writing classes and lectures.

I would so love to find time to take some classes, however, I am just grateful the Mr. Fix-it and I managed to steal away to this relaxing oasis in the desert.  

Make sure and put The Farm at South Mountain on your list of things to do if you come to the Valley!


  1. I just love artsy shops like this...where the shop is almost a piece of art itself. I would love to own a business like this...creating all day in a beautiful area. Ah, dreaming!
    Glad you had a lovely getaway day.

  2. I would love to see that...sounds like a wonderful place.


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