Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Farm at South Mountain

Thought I would give my readers a break from the Cowboy, Western theme I've been posting about lately.  Don't want to bore everyone!!

When Mr. Fix-it was here visiting, we managed to escape for a quiet lunch for just the two of us!   Since we had to be on the South Central side of Phoenix anyway to pick up Dottie Dog after her surgery, I knew just the place to spend a few peaceful hours, The Farm at South Mountain.

Situated only eight minutes from downtown Phoenix, you might drive right past it, not even knowing it is there!  This unexpected retreat is a twelve acre jewel hidden in the middle of a somewhat industrial area.  For GPS directions type in the address below:

6106 S. 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85042
(just south of Southern on the west side of 32nd Street)

"The Farm Kitchen" features an idyllic outside eating area where the food served includes soups, sandwiches and home baked goodies.  

It is amazingly quiet being so close to the downtown area, except for the birds looking for a hand-out!  The sound is melodious and actually soothing.  Well I thought that....but Mr. Fix-it has an aversion to birds getting too close.  Don't get me wrong, they don't come that close but they let you know they are there!

After lunch we strolled around 'The Farm'.

Organically grown salad greens.

Home grown chickens too!
 Herbs and blooming flowers for sale.

"The Farm at South Mountain" is a wonderful place for family reunions, picnics, weddings and is dog and kid friendly.  There is so much more to do and see here. Stay tuned for my next post which will feature pictures taken at the Artist's Studio Cottage on "The Farm". 


  1. Beautiful place! So glad you both had a quiet moment to enjoy each others company! And you weren't boring me with the tour of the museum!!

  2. Beautiful photos. I really like the softness of them. Arizona is a beautiful state and you certainly showcase it well.

  3. It does look like a calm, soothing place to sit, relax and enjoy lunch.

  4. What a lovely place to enjoy lunch with a special someone. It is so nice to see herbs and flowers blooming and being dog friendly too. My kind of place! Thank you for taking us there. Blessings from the snowy State of Maine.

  5. Thanks Courtney....don't worry, I will be back with the western theme. I have some awesome pictures to share!

  6. Sounds like a wonderfully peaceful place to be.

  7. Karen ~
    Sounds like you and Mr. Fix-It had some fun times. I'm sure you needed a break from your everyday dad routine to re-charge your batteries!
    It's hard to believe such an oasis could be so close to downtown Phoenix!
    How's Dottie doing? Any more luck with the potty training?
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Funny thing about the look of these pics, they were taken with my camera phone. I managed to forget my camera that day! Phone doesn't take such good ones but I have to say for this particular story, they really fit the day!!


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